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BTR-60PU Armored Command Vehicle


Country of Origin/Used by: USSR
First Produced/Service Dates: 1961
Manufactured by: Gorky Automotive Plant
Crew: 2 +14
Armament: Secondary: 7.62mm MG?
Engine: (2) GAZ-49B 6 Cylinder Engines
Miscellaneous Info: BTR is the acronym for "Bronetransporter", translated from Russian as 'armored transporter'.  The Command Vehicle is basically the regular BTR-60 APC version minus the turret but having extra power generators, communications equipment and radio antennas (including a telescopic version in some)
Data Sheet Available:   None Available


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BTR-60pu Photo from the Lt. Colonel James Loop Collection via David Haugh - Content Editor
BTR-60 PU Command APC Photos Duncan Nicholson - Tanks for Sale

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Reference Author
Encyclopedia of Armoured Cars Duncan Crow & Robert J. Icks
Jane's Tank Recognition Guide (Fourth Edition) Christopher F. Foss
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Hobby Modeling

Kits and Accessories

Model Kit Manufacturer Scale Other Information
BTR-60PU Command Vehicle Model Kit (1576) Trumpeter 1/35 Injection Molded Plastic
Accessory/Aftermarket Set Manufacturer Scale Other Information
BTR-60PU Detail Set (PE35472) Voyager Models 1/35 Photo Etch Brass; For Trumpeter Kit.

Model Photos

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