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Ferret Mark 2 Scout Car


Courtesy of Lt. Col. Dick Taylor (RTR) - Blandford Forum, Dorset, UK


BATUS (1977)


This vehicle is being operated by the SSM


B Sqn 3RTR (UN Duty: Cyprus 1978-79)



5 Troop Medal parade, Nicosia, Cyprus: March 1979  Dick Taylor is the "lad" on the bottom right.  Behind are two (2) of the four (4) Ferret Mark Mk 2 scout cars that each of the six (6) troops used.  SHQ operated a solitary Ferret Mk 1.


LCpl Kev Gotch commanding a Ferret Mark 2 during the medal parade rehearsals at Nicosia airport.


6 Troop - all 25 Ferrets from the squadron were used on this parade. The Regimental Standard was carried in the Ferret Mk 1


5 Troop again shortly after starting their tour in September 1978. 


F Sqn 3RTR SBA (Cyprus 1986-88)


Three scruffy crewmen on patrol with one of the 24 Mark II Ferrets.  When Saladins were added to each troop, there was a reduction from 4 to 3 Ferrets used by each Troop.