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Armored Personnel Carrier



Country of Origin/Used by: Finland (And Others)
First Produced/Service Dates: 1984-1994
Manufactured by: Sisu-Auto Ab
Crew: 2+10
Armament: (1) 14.7 mm or (1) 12.7 mm or (1) 7.62 mm machine gun.  Later versions have the machine gun in a one-man turret.
Engine: 6-cyl Valmet 611 water-cooled & turbo-charged
Miscellaneous Info:

The XA-180 came in four basic versions, plain personnel carrier, export version which could be fitted with a turret for the .50 cal. Heavy Machine Gun (HMG), and two different turret arrangements for Finnish service, both carrying the Russian 14.7 mm DShK-M HMG. : The XA-180 is also known in Finnish service as the Psajon 83

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Reference Source/Provider
SISU XA-180 Photos David Haugh - Oregon USA

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Reference Source/Provider
SISU XA-180 APC (Irish UNIFIL) Model Photos (1/35 Scratchbuilt) by "Mecanix" - Skellig Michael, Ireland