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2020 Archive of "What's New" Items

Items appearing in the "What's New" section from January 1 through July 31, 2020 are contained here.  The information is listed by date updated with the most recent dates on top and older items at the bottom.

Date Item Updated or Added
July 31, 2020 A small update today with a few additional photos of Czech OA vz. 23/PA-2 "Zelva" Armored Cars via content editor Dave Haugh.
July 28th   The July issue of Airfix Model World Magazine has also just gotten here and it has an article titled "Tactical Support Dog" by Christian Lupu. The article covers the author's build of the Meng Models' 1/35 Husky Medium Tactical Supply Vehicle model kit.
July 26th Continuing with Czech vehicles, we've posted a new index covering the OA vz. 27/PA-3 Armored Car.

Two hobby model products have been announced by Gecko Models.  They are the 1/35 ATMP WMIK (Weapons Mounted Installation Kit) (35GM0019) and ATMP with Rescue Stretcher (35GM0035) model kits.
July 19th We have a new vehicle index available today.  It covers the Czech OA vz. 30 Armored Car.
July 16th   The June issue of Airfix Model World Magazine has finally arrived, and it contains an article titled "One of a Kind" by Bjorn Kagner.  The article covers the author's build of the Copper State Models unique 1/35 Romfell Panzerwagen model kit.
July 6th James Kellett is back after a long hiatus, with some photos of his 1/72 Canadian Bison APC model kit.
July 5th In the past couple weeks, there's been a large number of hobby modeling products announced.  They are DEF Model’s 1/35 Technical Pick up with BMP-1 Turret Conversion (DM35038), US ¼ Ton Utility Truck (Jeep) Sagged Wheel Set (DW30054) and Bumerang 8x8 APC Sagged Wheel Set (DW35117), for the Zvezda kit; Hobby Boss’ 1/35 LKW 7t mil gl LARS2 Model Kit (85521); Trumpeter’s 1/35 S MK23 MTVR MAS Truck Model Kit (01080); and Trackpad Publishing’s new book “Tough Truck!  Australian Army Land Rovers: 1949 to 2012", written by Michael K. Cecil.
June 24th Today we've put up a new index covering the Alvis Dingo Scout Car.
June 22nd New contributor David Vargo has sent us some photos of his 1/25 scratchbuilt Peacekeeper APC model kit.

In addition, there's been one hobby model product announced in the past few days, it being Meng Model's 1/35 Russian K-4386 Typhoon-VDV Armored Vehicle Sagged Wheel Set" (SPS-075).
June 21st Very good mate Dr. Chris Lloyd-Staples has finished his review of the new book "U.S. Army Chevrolet Trucks In World War Two" by Didier Andres and released by WW Sponsor Casemate Publishers.
June 14th Today we've added a new vehicle index covering the British B.S.A. Scout Car.
June 12th We've posted a new link to a very useful website if you're interested in scale line drawings.  The late Mick Bell produced hundreds of detailed 1/76 scale drawings of military vehicles during his career.  Due to his family's generosity, most of his plans are now available to use and download for free.  To take a look at this treasure trove, check out the site Mick Bell Plans
June 11th Long-time contributor "Mechanix" is back with photos of his 1/35 Irish Beaverette Scout Car Model and his 1/35 Irish Armored Unimog S404 APC Model.
June 10th After seeing our last update, Peter Kernan was kind enough to send us a lot more photos of the M53/59/70 Lizard Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun.
June 8th It's been a long time coming, but we've finally got up a new index for the M53/59/70 Lizard Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun.
June 6th Today we have some photos of a 1/48 Airfix Jackal 2 SRV Model Kit courtesy of friend Jerry Ben.

Also, there's another hobby modeling product that was recently announced, ICM's 1/35 BM-13-16 MLRS on W.O.T. 8 Chassis (35591).
June 5th

  The June issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has alrelady hit my doorstep and is a "special" issue dedicated to the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG).  Therefore, it contains a number of articles covering that unit.  They are "Piracy On the High Desert” by Toby Savage, “Remembering the Ghost Patrol” (An interview of a former LRDG member) by Andrew Stone and "Searching the Sahara”  by James Davis. In addition, it contains two other articles covering armored cars/wfv's.  They are “A Very British Dingo” by Clare Westbrook and "Ugly Duckling” (highlighting the VW Iltis) by Louise Limb.

May 31st Speaking of changes of pace, Ron Bell is back with photos of his 1/76 W^D Models Austin 3rd Series Armored Car.
May 30th For a change of pace, we posted some photos of the German Sdkfz 231/ 232 Fu 6-Rad Armored Cars, courtesy of the Bundesarchiv
May 29th And just like that, a couple more hobby products have been announced.  They are Panda Models' 1/35 M1235 MaxxPro Dash with Spark II Mine Roller kit (PH35044) and Planet Models' 1/72 M1280 Joint Light Tactical Vehicle - General Purpose Configuration (MV124) resin model kit.
May 27th We've just discovered that Trumpeter has plans to release two new products.  They are 1/35 HEMTT with CIWS and M65 Atomic Cannon model kits.
May 24th Today we have even more photos of the Panhard VBL Light Armored Vehicle.
May 23rd Well, back to French stuff.  We've upgraded the Panhard VBL Light Armored Vehicle Index, which includes new photos.

Also, there have been two modeling hobby product announcements.  They are Meng Model's 1/35 Russian K-4386 Typhoon-VDV Armored Vehicle model kit (VS-014) and RPG Scale Model's 1/35 Russian URAL 63095 Typhoon MRAP model kit (35008).
May 20th

  The May issue of Classic Military Vehicle Magazine has arrived and it contains the article "French Four-Wheeled Flair" (covering the Panhard AML Armored Car) by David Garden.

May 19th A very small update for today.  We've added a couple of pics we had laying about of the White (1917) Armored Car.
May 16th French Fest continues with the addition of a vehicle index covering the AMX-10RCR Reconnaissance Vehicle.
May 15th Today, we've posted some new photos of the VBCI Infantry Fighting Vehicle, courtesy of the French Ministry of Armed Forces.

Also, there's been one new hobby product announcement recently, it is ICM's 1/35 (Ford) 1917 Model T Light Patrol Car with ANZAC Crew model set (35668).
May 13th While were on French vehicles, we've also updated our AMX-10RC Reconnaissance Vehicle, which also includes new photos.
May 10th With the update of the Sagaie page yesterday, we figured it was high time to add an index covering the earlier ERC-90 F1 Lynx Armored Recon Vehicle.
May 9th Today we improved our ERC-90 F4 Sagaie Armored Recon Vehicle index, which includes a bunch of new photos.
May 6th And for our Saladin finale, we've posted 40+ detail photos courtesy of Don Allen.
May 5th Here's the last of the Saladin Mark 2 photos (for now) from Content Editor Dave Haugh.
May 4th Courtesy of new contributor Professor Andrew Castro, we've been able to post a new vehicle index covering the Philippine MX-7 "Spider" Armored Escort Vehicle.
May 3rd More "Sally" pics from the dusty files of Dave Haugh have been uncovered.  The additions include photos of a Saladin Mark 2 mounting the Swingfire Anti-Tank Missile System.
May 1st Today's update consists of some Jordanian? Saladin Mark 2 Armored Car photos, courtesy of long-time friend Christophe Jacquemont.
April 25th We've received information that Hussar Productions is releasing two new products, a 1/35 BRDM-2 M96 Szakal (Jackal) Conversion (HSR35144) and BRDM-2 Zbik (Wildcat) Conversion (HSR35145), both for the Trumpeter kit.
April 22nd New contributor Ken Benfield has sent us some unique photos of the Bedford RL "Pig" Armored Truck for posting.
April 19th Ron Bell is back with photos of another one of his small-scale projects, this one being a 1/72 Daimler-Guinness "Boiler" Armored Lorry Model.
April 18th Ok, we were mistaken. We do have additional photos of a Light Armored Vehicle, but these are a bit different as they cover the Canadian LAV III Series instead.
April 16th Today the LAV-centric postings end with our last (for now) addition from Chris, these showing the LAV-Battalion Command & Control (LAV-C2).
April 12th The plethora of LAV photos continues via Chris with the addition of more pics covering the Light Armored Vehicle- Logistics (LAV-L).
April 11th Here's more pics via Chris Hughes for LAV-O-Rama, these being of the LAV-Anti-Tank Vehicle.
April 10th We continue LAV-O-Rama, courtesy of Chris Hughes with the addition of more LAV-Recovery Vehicle photos.
April 9th Chris Hughes, owner of Toadman's Tank Pictures is back with a submission for WW.  We've added his LAV-25A2 photos today.
April 5th We've FINALLY found a photo of the Coventry Mark 2 Armored Car we could post.  Check out the vehicle index to see it.
April 4th It's time for more hobby model announcements.  They are D-Day Miniatures’ 1/35 Schwimmwagen Accessories Set- Ardennes 1944 (35158) for the Tamiya Kit; DEF Model’s 1/35 M54A2 Cargo Truck Sagged Rear Wheel Set - Standard Loaded (DW35116) for the AFV Club kit; Echelon Fine Details’ 1/35 “Irish & French AML Armoured Cars in Lebanon” (D356279) (Covers Panhard AML-20, AML-60 & AML-90) and “M151 Gun Trucks In Vietnam” (D35681) decals; FC Model Trend’s 1/35 UNL-35 Armored Car Model Kit (35467); Hobby Boss’ 1/35 USAF XM706E2 Armored Car Model Kit (84536); JAPModels-Miniatures’ 1/35 Jeep Accessories (JAP ACC 56) and M20 Utility Vehicle Tarp (JAP ACC 57); and MH Models’ 1/35 Hafner Rotabuggy Conversion Set (M35001) for the Tamiya kit.
April 3rd Today we've put up a new index covering the Pinzgauer 718M Special Operations Vehicle.
March 29th Sticking with the Jackal, we've posted some photos of the Jackal 2 HMWP via, of all groups, the U.S. Army.
March 28th Our latest addition is more photos of the Jackal 1 High Mobility Weapons Platform via the UK MoD.
March 26th Today's addition is Patrick's review of the book "Masters of Mayhem: Lawrence of Arabia and the British Military Mission to the Hejaz" by author James Stejskal.
March 24th Staying on the Landy theme, we've added more photos of the Land Rover "Wolf" TUL/TUM-HS Utility Vehicle, also courtesy of the UK Ministry of Defence.
March 22nd We've added a new hyperlink in our "Links" section to The Military Vehicle Trust (MVT).  Based out of the UK, the MVT is the oldest and largest vehicle club in the World. So, check them out!

In addtion, we've added some photos of the
Land Rover Defender 130 "Pulse" Field Ambulance, courtesy of the UK Ministry of Defence.
March 21st Today we have some additional photos of the M1230 Caiman Plus 6x6 Tactical Vehicle System courtesy of the US Department of Defense.
March 16th It's been awhile since we posted any hobby product announcements.  However, in the past couple days a slew of new items have been unveiled.  They are Black Dog’s 1/35 US Jeep Accessories Set #2 (T35221); Bronco Models’ 1/35 British Recce and Signals Light Trucks (Jeeps) Model Set (CB35218), which includes 2 kits with 5 Crew Members; MiniArt’s 1/35 Bantam 40 BRC with British Crew Model Set (35324); and Star Decals’ 1/35 “Royal Artillery #2: British RA in NW Europe 1944-45” (35-C1259) (Includes Markings for the Humber Scout Car), “ISAF #2: German Troops (GECON) in Afghanistan” (35-C1268) (Includes markings for the Fuchs), “ISAF #3: French Troops in Afghanistan” (35-C1269) (Includes markings for the VAB and Panhard VBL) and 1/72 “Royal Artillery #2: British RA in NW Europe 1944-45” (72-A1046) (Includes Markings for the Humber Scout Car).
March 15th With the enormous help of author James Stejskal, we've put up a new index covering the Rolls-Royce Tender (Support Car).
March 7th Courtesy of Silvio Iacuone, we have some new photos of the M1161 Growler ITV.
March 1st We've added more pics of "an oldie, but a goodie", them showing the King Model 1915 Armored Car.
February 25th

  The March issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has made it's appearance in my mail box and contains (yet again) two articles that may be interesting to our visitors here. They are "Popski's Private Army" (which includes photos of a unit jeep reproduction), authored by Craig Allen and "Show Stopper" (covering the Buffel APC) by Andrew Stone.

February 23rd Today we've posted some additional photos of the Jeffrey-Quad No. 1 Armored Car, courtesy of the U.S. Archives.
February 18th In the middle of some behind-the-scenes site maintenance, we were able to post a handful of new photos covering the M8 Greyhound Armored Car and M20 Armored Utility Vehicle.
February 11th Finishing up our stash of Eagle 5 photos, here's some of a 6x6 in an "interesting" paint scheme.
February 7th To expand on yesterday's subject, today we've posted some photos of an Australian Eagle 5 4x4 Demonstrator Vehicle and Swiss Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance Vehicle, both batches via Guenther Neumahr.
February 6th Today we've added a couple more photos of the Eagle V 6x6 Light Tactical Vehicle.
February 4th Following its bigger brother, we've added coverage of the MAP 4.5 (Mine & Ambush Protected) Vehicle.

In addition, a couple new products have been announced by DEF Model. They are two wheel sets for the 1/35 Hobby Boss SdKfz 254 Model Kit: Set 1- Sagged (DW30048) and Set 2-No Sag (DW30049).
February 2nd We're back to Rhodesian vehicles again.  Our newest addition is an index covering the MAP 7.5 (Mine & Ambush Protected) Vehicle.
January 30th On the heels of yesterday's addition, we've put up a new index covering the Pierce-Arrow Armored Anti-Aircraft Truck.
January 29th Going back in time, we've posted a new index covering the WWI era Pierce-Arrow Armored Truck.
January 28th   The February issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has quickly arrived and it contains two articles relevant to armored cars. They are "Armoured Cars of New York" (covering the early Jeffrey-Quad, Locomobile, Mack & White US WWI era Armored Cars), authored by Tim Gosling and "Austin at War" (documenting the history of the Austin Motor Company) by Richard Pullen.
January 25th Today, we've put up a new index for the Rhodesian/Zimbabwean Crocodile Mine & Ambush Protected (MAP) Vehicle.
January 21st We have some additional Staghound Mark 1 photos posted, these being from the Danish Nationalmuseet (National Museum).
January 20th Here are some additional hobby modeling product announcements from the past few days.  They are ICM’s 1/35 Model T RNAS Armoured Car Model Kit (35669) and Model Kit with WW1 British Tank Crew (35670), 1/35 BM-13-16 MLRS on W.O.T. 8 Chassis Model Kit (35591) and Model Kit with Soviet Crew (35592) and Mac One Models’ 1/35 Panhard 178 Wheels (35610) for the ICM kits.
January 19th Back to an "old friend", we've posted some additional photos of the Staghound Mark 1 Armored Car via the Australian War Memorial.
January 16th Today we've added additional photos of the Maxx Pro Recovery Vehicle - Performance Kit variant.
January 14th

  The January 2020 issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine is here and it contains two articles dedicated to armored cars and wheeled fighting vehicles. They are "Armoured Warfare" (an overview of early WWI Armoured Cars), authored by David Fletcher and "Will's Wild Bill" (covering a 1943 Ford GPW Jeep) by Andrew Stone.

January 12th We're back to working on Rhodesian vehicles, today adding the Puma Mine & Ambush Protected (MAP) Vehicle Index.

In addition, we have info about two hobby modeling products just announced.  They are FC Model Trend's 1/35 HMMWV IDF Style Rear Bumper/Spare Tire (35582), for the Tamiya kits and Meng Model's 1/35 MB Military Vehicle (Jeep) Model Kit (VS-011).
January 11th Ron Bell returns with photos of his 1/72 Den Bels Seabrook Armored Truck Model Kit.
January 6th Today, we have more Canadian Dieppe Dingos, collected and shared by Anthony Sewards.
January 5th Dingo Days continue with the addition of photos of Canadian Dingo Scout Cars after the Dieppe Raid in 1942 via the German Bundesarchiv.
January 3rd Taking a different direction, we've posted some new "Malayan" Daimler Dingo Scout Car Photos.
January 2nd Today's update covers another Rhodesian/Zimbabwean Vehicle; the Scorpion Mine Protected 81mm Mortar Carrier.
January 1, 2020 First of all, Happy New Years to our visitors! We appreciate your continued support. 

Second, there's a couple hobby modeling products that have been announced.  They are ICM's 1/35 Sd.Kfz. 247 Ausf.B. Armored Command Vehicle Model Kit (35110) and Mac One Models' 1/35 M3A1 Scout Car Directional Pattern Wheels (35553) for the Tamiya Kit.

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