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ACMAT TPK 4.20 BL4 Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle & Personnel Carrier



Country of Origin: Manufactured in France
First Produced/Service Dates: The original BL vehicle was fielded in 2000.  The BL4 above photographed in 2008.
Manufactured by: ACMAT - Ateliers de Construction Mechanique de l'Atlantique (France)
Crew: 2+ 8
Armament: Turret: 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun. Secondary: (2) 7.62mm machine guns on swivel stations
Engine: 6 Cylinder
Miscellaneous Info: Based upon the chassis of the unarmored ACMAT VLRA TPK 4.20 Recon Vehicle.
Data Sheet Available:   None


Reference Source/Provider
Photo Above Jacques Dujardin - France

References Available


Reference Source/Provider
TPK 4.20 BL 4 Recon Vehicle/ APC Information and Photos ACMAT Company Website


Reference Author
"Francophile" (ACMAT Manufactured wheeled vehicles) - (June 2013 Issue of Military Machines International Magazine) Shaun Connors
Jane's Tank Recognition Guide (4th Edition) Christopher F. Foss

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