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"What's New" Items

Here is a listing of "What's New" on WarWheels.Net.  The information is listed by date updated with the most recent dates on top and older items at the bottom. Information Prior to February 1, 2021 is listed in the Archives below.

Date Item Updated or Added
April 20, 2021 Star-Decals has announced a number of new sets coming soon.  They are 1/72 “1. Skijäger Division: German Skijäger Division on Eastern Front 1944-45” (72-A1069) (Includes markings for a Kubelwagen), 1/35 “Desert Storm # 3: British Recce AFVs in the Gulf 1990-91. Operation Granby and Desert Sabre” (35-C1303) (Markings for Ferret Scout Cars Mk 1 and Mk 1/2, Fuchs NBC vehicle, Land Rover 109 Series III & Land Rover 110 Defender); 1/48 “Finland WW2 # 3” (48-B1011) (Markings for BA-10M and BA-20M armored cars); and 1/72 “Soviet Armored Cars BA-10M and BA-20M In Foreign Service: Germany, Sweden, Finland, R.O.A. and R.O.N.A” (72-A1079).
April 18th Don Allen is back with photos of his project building the 1/35 Copper State Armored Autocar Model Kit.  Stay tuned for updates as he progresses.
April 11th Today we have a new vehicle index covering the unique Italian Autoblindata Vespa.
April 9th Courtesy of the German Bundesarchiv, we've got some new pics up of the Autoprotetto S37 APC.
April 4th We've posted a new index covering the U.S. Marine Corps' Amphibious Combat Vehicle Series.
April 3rd Minart has announced another kit, the 1/35 Austin Armoured Car 3rd Series (German, Austro-Hungarian, Finnish Service) Model Kit (39010), which has an interior.
March 28th Today we've posted additional photos of the BRDM-1 Scout Car.
March 27th We've added a hyperlink in our "Links" section for the organization, Models For Troops.  This group supports veterans and active duty military personnel by providing modeling supplies that are donated by modelers.
March 26th   WW Sponsor AFV Club has announced another new model kit today, the 1/35 IDF 1/4 Ton M38A1/CJ-5 4x4 Anti-Tank Missile Vehicle (OREV) (AF35S97).

In addition, Yahu Models will release a 1/35 Chevrolet C15TA Instrument Panel (YML3501) and KTO Rosomak Late Instrument Panel (YML3514), both for the respective IBG kit.
March 24th   The April issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has arrived early and it contains two articles covering British Armored Cars. They are "On Sale" (covering the Panther CLV) by Craig Allen and "The Fighting Fordsons" by David Fletcher.
March 21st Today we have another book review sample courtesy of our sponsor Casemate Publishers.  Don Allen reviews Pen & Sword's new book "Stryker Interim Combat Vehicle: The Stryker and LAV III in US and Canadian Service, 1999-2020", authored by David Grummitt.
March 16th There's been another interesting hobby product announced.  Zvezda is planning to release a new 1/35 BRDM-2 Scout Car Model Kit (3638).
March 14th We're on a roll.  We've posted a new index covering the Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (LRV) 400, built by Supacat, Ltd.
March 11th   The March 2021 issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has come and it too has two articles that should be interesting to us WW readers. They are "French Fancy" (covering the Peugeot P4) by Baz England-Davis and "The Bison, the Armadillo and other Armoured Beasts" by David Fletcher.

Also, there was another kit announced by Copper State Models; a 1/35 Russo-Balt Armoured Car Model (35007).
March 7th We've finally been able to post some new content.  Today's addition is a new index covering the Badger Infantry Combat Vehicle Series.
February 27th One more hobby modeling product has been announced by Trumpeter.  They are planning to release a 1/35 model of the L4500A Truck mit 3.7cm Flak 37 (09593).
February 21st We have another book review sample courtesy of our sponsor Casemate Publishers.  Today's addition is Christophe Jacquemont's look at the MMP Book, "Staff Cars In Germany WW2: Volume 2", authored by Alan Ranger.
February 19th   The February 2021 issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has arrived and it has two articles relevant to WW. They are "Combat Ready" (highlighting the Centauro Tank Destroyer) by Craig Allen and "The Dingo, the Rover and the Rhino" (covering those Aussie Armored Cars) by David Fletcher.
February 15th Tankograd Publishing has announced a few more books.  They are “M65 Atomic Annie: M65 Atomic Annie - The 280mm Gun M65 & its Soviet Counterparts 406mm 2A3 & 420mm 2B1” authored by Michael Franz & Jochen Vollert, “ENOK 5.4-The Enok 5.4 Protected Wheeled Vehicle & Variants in the Modern German Army” by Ralph Zwilling and “Australian G-Wagons” by Gordon Arthur.
February 14th We have a large number of hobby announcements from the past week.  They are, Black Dog’s 1/72 Otter Light Recon Car Accessory Set (T72122) and 1/72 Staghound Mark 1 Accessory Set (T72124), both for the IBG Model kits; FC Model Trend’s 1/35 BRDM-1 Weighted Wheel Set (35618) for the Trumpeter Kit and 1/35 Sdkfz 247 Ausf. B Weighted Wheel Set (35661) for the ICM Kit; GM Modelli’s 1/72 Autocannone da 65-17 su Morris CS8 Resin Model Kit; and ICM's  1/35 G4 (Mercedes) Car with Armament Model (35530) and 1/35 WWII Red Army Rocket Artillery Set (DS3512), which includes the BM-13-16 on WOT 8 Chassis Truck Kit.
February 6th Great news! Gecko Models is releasing a 1/35 Daimler Mark 1 Armored Car Model Kit (35GM0011) with two options. One option is to use the "Littlejohn" Barrel attachment and the other option is for fitting a Twin .303 Vickers-K Machine Gun Mount.
February 3, 2021   Long-time sponsor WW AFV Club, has announced a new kit in the form of the 1/35 Husky Mark III Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector With Interrogation Arm (35354).

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