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"What's New" Items

Here is a listing of "What's New" on WarWheels.Net.  The information is listed by date updated with the most recent dates on top and older items at the bottom. Information Prior to July 1, 2021 is listed in the Archives below.

Date Item Updated or Added
September 24, 2021 A few more product announcements have come up.  They are Hussar Productions’ 1/35 AS 41/42 Metropolitana Wheels (HSR35142) and Panzer Art’s 1/35 BTR-82A Road Wheels (RE35-691), Type 16 MCV Road Wheels (RE35-692) and Ukrainian BTR-80 Sandbag Armor Set (RE35-693).
September 19th Today, we have photos of the Belgian Fox Rapid Response Vehicle.

Also, two new products have been announced: FC Model Trend’s 1/35 VPK 7829 Bumerang Weighted Wheel Set (35937), for the Zvezda Kit and Yahu Models’ 1/35 Marmon-Harrington Late Style Instrument Panel (YML3510) for the IBG Kits.
September 16th We have more hobby product announcements just released.  They include Ace Models’ 1/72 Unimog JACAM) Long-Range Patrol Vehicle Model Kit (72458); Dragon Model’s 1/35 SAS 80 Year Anniversary Model Set (6931) (Appears to be SAS Jeeps and Figures); Fat Frog’s 1/35 Land Rover Series II/III Weighted Tires (Goodyear Extra Grip 7.50-16) (FW35003), Land Rover Series II/III Weighted Tires (Goodyear Extra Grip 6.50-16) (FW35004) and Jackal 2 MWMIK Weighted Wheels (FW35005B) for the Hobby Boss kit; FC Model Trend’s 1/35 BTR-80 Weighted Tires (35949) for the Trumpeter Kits; Quinta Studio’s 1/35 K-4386 Typhoon VDV Interior 3D Decals (QD35023) for the Meng Kit and KAMAZ K-4386 Typhoon VDV family 3D Decal Set (QD35022) for the RPG kit; and Star Decals’ 1/35 “GAZ-69: Cold War Era Soviet and Warsaw Pact Countries” (35-C1320), “UAZ-469: UN, IFOR, SFOR & KFOR Markings in Bosnia and Kosovo" (35-C1321) and "116th Panzer Division ‘Windhund’ #1” (35-C1312), which includes markings for an Sdkfz 234/1.
September 10th A quick update today with the addition of two unique photos of a captured Daimler Dingo Scout Car, courtesy of Diego Faccio.
September 5th Blast Model has announced the following products: 1/35 VBCI Sagged Wheel Set (8 Different Tires) (BL35399K) for the Heller Kit, 1/35 AMX-10RCR SEPAR (Barkhane) Stowage Set (BL35412K) and AMX-10RCR SEPAR Update Set (BL35415K), both for the Tiger Model Kit #4607.
September 3rd Today we've posted some new photos of the Austrian gl LKW Puch G Utility Vehicle.

In addition, Miniart has announced a 1/35 Austin Armoured Car 1918 Pattern (Ireland 1919-21: British Service) Model Kit with Interior (39016).
September 2nd Also from the German Bundesarchiv here's some additional photos of the Sdfkz 231 Heavy Armored Car (8-Wheel).
August 31st We've put up some new photos of the Sdfkz 233 Heavy Armored Car (7.5cm) courtesy of the German Bundesarchiv.
August 29th Today we've posted a new index covering the Israeli Eitan Wheeled Fighting Vehicle Series.
August 28th We're proud to announce that BNA Model World.com has become a sponsor of WarWheels.  So, if you like WW, please support BNA as well as our other sponsors if you can.
August 27th Still on a German theme, we've posted additional photos of the Sdkfz 231 Heavy Armored Car (8-Wheel), via the Australian War Memorial and Danish Nationalmuseet.

Also, one late additon to the new product announcements: FC Model Trend's 1/35 Adler Kfz 13 Weighted Wheel Set (35925) for the Bronco Kit.
August 23rd While we're on German vehicles, we posted a couple more photos of the Sdkfz 223 Light Radio Command Car via the Australian War Memorial.
August 22nd It's been a long time coming, but we've finally put up a vehicle index for the Sdkfz 260/261 Small Armored Radio Command Cars.
August 21st I'm having trouble keeping up with the number of new hobby modeling products coming out.  The latest batch includes Fat Frog’s 1/35 ATV Weighted Tires (Maxxis M980) (FW35001) for the Bronco kit; FC Model Trend’s 1/35 Bantam Weighted Wheel Set (35969), Dongfeng Weighted Wheel Set (35902) and Panhard VBL Weighted Wheel Set (35931) for the Tiger Model Kit, and Galaxy Hobby’s 1/72 M1224A1 MaxxPro MEAP Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle w/MRAP Expedient Armor Program Model Kit (GH72A04).
August 20th   As a very special treat, I've already received the September issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine.  It contains the article "A Gathering of the Greats" by Andrew Stone. The article covers the inaugural Classic Land Rover Gathering that took place in July.
August 18th Here is a list of more hobby modelling products just announced.  They are Copper State Models’ 1/35 Russian Lanchester Photoetch Detail Set (A35-005) and Romfell Armored Car Photoetch Detail Set (A35-006); Fat Frog’s 1/35 ATV Weighted Tires (Carlisle ACT HD) (FW35002) for the Bronco kit; SOL Resin Factory’s 1/35 Humvee Engine Detail Up Set (MM211) for the Bronco kit; and Voyager Model’s 1/35 IDF 1/4 Ton 4X4 M38A1/CJ-6 Siyur Jeep Upgrade Set (PE351139) and IDF 1/4 Ton 4X4 M38A1/CJ-5 Tolar Jeep Upgrade Set (PE351138), both for the AFV Club kits.
August 16th Today we have another book for review courtesy of Casemate Publishers.  The review is by Glen Phelan and covers the new Peko Publishing title "German Support Vehicles on the Battlefield- World War Two Photobook Series: Volume 22", authored by Tom Cockle.
August 14th It seems like we're in unprecedented times with the number of hobby modelling hobby products announced.  The newest releases are Ammo by Mig’s 1/35 SdKfz 221/222/223 Tool Set (A.MIG-8139); DEF Model’s 1/35 British MWMIK Extra Wheel Set for Coyote 6X6 (DW35131) and MWMIK British Jackal 4X4 Sagged Wheel Set (DW35125) both for the Hobby Boss Kits, German TPz-1 Fuchs ABC Sagged Wheel Set (1) (Michelin.XL) (DW35128) and German TPz-1 Fuchs ABC Sagged Wheel Set (2) (Continental) (DW35129), both for the Revell kit, Typhoon K Russian MRAP Sagged Wheel Set (DW35100A) that fits either the Takom or Zvezda kits; and 1/24 Kubelwagen Sagged Wheel Set (DW24001) and Kubelwagen Balloon Tire Wheel Set (DW24002), both for the Hasegawa kit; FC Model Trend’s 1/35 Stryker ICV Weighted Wheel Set (35865) for the AFV Club series of kits; and Quinta Studio’s 1/35 MRAP Typhoon-K Interior 3D Decal Set (QD35005) for the Zvezda kit and GAZ Tiger Family Interior 3D Decal Set (QD35013) for the Zvezda kits.
August 13th   The August issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has come and it contains the article "Armoured 4x4's" by Craig Allen. The article covers "Technical" vehicles used by private security firms.
August 7th We've posted new photos of the Dingo 2 GE C1 GSI -Gefechtsschadensinstandsetzung (Maintenance Truck).

Also, ICM has announced their 1/35 BM-13-16 Rocket Launcher on G7107 Truck Base Model Kit (35595).
August 6th The hobby modeling products keep on coming with FC Model Trend’s 1/35 M38A1 Jeep Weighted Wheels (35777) for the AFV Club Kit and Skoda PA-2 Weighted Tires (35787) for the Takom kit; Live Resin’s 1/35 Typhoon VDV Corrected Turret-(RCWS Module 32В01) (LRE35357) for the Meng Model or RPG Model Kits; Miniarm’s 1/35 KamAZ-4386 Typhoon-VDV with 32V01 RCWS Conversion Set (35217) and Quinta Studio’s 1/35 Willys MB Interior 3D Decal Set (QD35018).
August 1st We've posted another index today covering the Japanese Light Armored Vehicle (LAV).
July 31st More hobby model products have been announced.  They include Border Model’s 1/35 Topol-M/SS-27 Sickle B Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Launcher Model (#?), FC Model Trend’s 1/35 Daimler Dingo Weighted Wheels (35671), GAZ Tigr Weighted Wheels (35936) for the Zvezda Kits, GTK Boxer Weighted Wheels (35743) for the Hobby Boss Kit, Husky Mk. III VMMD Weighted Tire Set (35935) for the Panda Hobby Kit and M151 Mutt Weighted Wheels (35768) for the Tamiya Kits and Hobby Boss' 1/72 Russian 130mm Coastal Defense Gun A-222 Bereg Model Kit (82938).
July 29th Continuing with the Boxer, we've posted a couple photos of the Armored Engineer Group Vehicle on the Boxer Series Index.
July 25th Boxer Bonanza continues with the addition of photos of the Boxer Ambulance Prototype.
July 24th We're still on the Boxer MRAV, today's installment are photos of the Boxer Joint Operational Demonstator for Advanced Applications (JODAA) Vehicle.
July 23rd Back to the Boxer MRAV.  We've posted new photos of the Boxer Driver Training Vehicle.
July 22nd Here's the latest hobby product announcements we've come across: First, Tamiya is reissuing the Italeri British SAS Commando Vehicle-1944 (25423), which contains two new figures.  Second, T-Rex Studio is releasing a 1/35 Willys MB Jeep Grill/Fender Set (TR35053), Willys MB Jeep Rear Panel with Tow Hook (TR35054) and Willys MB Jeep (Weighted) Wheel/Tire Set (TR35055), all for the Takom series of kits.
July 18th Today we've posted some photos of the Boxer A1 Command Vehicle.

In addition, a few more hobby model products have been released including Attack Kits' 1/72 Humber Armored Car Mk. II Model (72933) and Blast Models' 1/35 Stryker Wheel Protection Discs (BL35377K) and Stryker Long Jerrycan Racks (BL35378K), both for the AFV Club Kits.
July 14th   The July issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has hit my doorstep and it contains the articles "The Beaverette" by Phil Homer and "Land Roving Specialists" by Kate Russell, which covers custom-built civilian Land Rover campers.
July 13th The flood of hobby model products continues.  Newly announced items include Blast Models' 1/35 US MRAP Radio Set (BL35382K), US MRAP Harris & SATCOM Antenna Set (BL35383K) and US MRAP Counter IED Boxes (BL35384K); Dragon Models' 1/72 SAS Bushmaster Model Kit (7701) and ICM's 1/35 G4 (Mercedes-Benz) Partisanenwagen (with Armament) Model Kit (35530).
July 11th Today we have another book for review courtesy of Casemate Publishers.  This review is by Brent Sauer, creator of the great website HMMWV In Scale. Brent's review covers the new Pen & Sword book "Humvee: American Multi-Role Support Truck", authored by Ben Skipper.
July 10th Copper State Models has announced another 1/35 Lancia Armored Car Model, this one the German Pz.Sp.Wg. 1ZM(i) (35008).
July 9th Today we have a nice treat in the form of a number of photos taken by long-time supporter Mark Holloway during his recent visit to the recently opened National Museum of Military Vehicles in Dubois, Wyoming USA.  Mark's photos cover the following vehicles: Daimler Dingo Mark 3 Scout Car, Fox Mark 1 Armored Car, M8 Greyhound AC, M20 Utility Vehicle, Otter Mark 1 Light Recon Car, Staghound Mark 1 AC and the XM-706E2 Commando.
July 7th We've posted a new index covering the Japanese Type 96 Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier.

In addition, Miniart has continued their use of molds and announced a 1/35 Austin Armoured Car Indian Pattern- British Service Model Kit with Interior (39021).
July 5th Going back to one of our favorites, we've posted about a dozen "new" pics of the Humber Scout Car via Don Allen and the Danish Nationalmuseet.

Also, Black Dog has announced a 1/35 GAZ 67B Field Car Accessory Set (T35228) for the Tamiya kit.
July 3rd Today we've posted a new index covering the German GFF-4 (Grizzly) Armored Command & Utility Vehicle.
July 2, 2021 More model products have been announced including a 1/35 Sdkfz 234/4 "Puma" Tool Set (A.MIG-8137) and 1/35 NbKWrf39 Smoke Discharger for Puma (A.MIG-8149) from Ammo by Mig and Eduard's 1/35 Jackal 1 Photo-Etch Upgrade Set (36465) for the Hobby Boss kit.

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