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Links to Other Websites

The following links are to other web sites that are useful for modelers or enthusiasts of armored cars or wheeled fighting vehicles.


Armored Cars on the Web

Military Museums

Military Vehicle Websites

Model Club  Websites

Model Industry Websites -Hobby Shops/ Kit Companies

Modeling Websites

Andy's French Military Jeep Site

1st (US) Infantry Museum at Cantigny (Wheaton, Illinois USA)

AFV News





Accurate Armour (Scotland)

Gun Truck Studios - Jim Lewis' site dedicated to WFV/Sci Fi Modeling

Armored Cars In The WWI

Canadian War Museum NEW!

ANZAC Steel - A reference site for military vehicles of Australia, New Zealand and the British Commonwealth.


Local Chapters

AFV News Tank Plans - By George Bradford (Canada)


Brian's Military Jeeps of WW II

German Panzer Museum at Munster (Germany)

Czech Military Vehicles (From 1960 to Present)


Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Armor Journal, The - Specializing in in-depth armor modeling

Kit Maker Network - Featuring Armorama

Crossley Military Vehicles After WWI

Imperial War Museum (UK)

IDF Armor Blog


Armor Modeling and Preservation Society (AMPS)

BAX Mod (South Africa) - Model Kit Company specializing in Modern South African Wheeled Fighting Vehicles.

Missing Lynx

Daimler Fighting Vehicles Project, The

Musee des Blindes at Saumur (France)

Joe Trevithick's TOE Hub - A site where you can order his Tables of Order and Equipment (TOE)

AMPS - Chicagoland

David Doyle Books (Tennessee, USA)

Modelling the US Army in WWII

Dunsfold Land Rover Collection, The (UK)

National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation (USA)

MVPA - Military Vehicle Preservation Association

Association de Maquettes du Montpelliérain (AMM) 

  Model-Miniature (France)- Manufacturer of small scale model kits of the Middle East

Modern Military Modeling by Olivier Carneau

Ex-Military Land Rover Association

National Museum of the Marine Corps (USA)

Olive Drab.Com

IPMS/NZ - Dunedin

Resicast (Belgium)- Manufacturer of mostly anglo-centric military vehicle model kits and accessories

On the Way!  - A website for 1/72 scale modellers.

Ferret FV701 Website

Royal Museum of Armed Forces and Military (Brussels, Belgium)

Prime Portal - The Military Enthusiast and Modeler's Reference Site by Don Busack


Sargeant At Arms Models - Featuring the SP Designs Product Line (USA)

PanzerHubert Blogspot - Covers Military Modeling from the Beginning until WWII

General Dynamics XM-966

Russell Military Museum (IL-USA)

Quartermaster Section (A base for information regarding weapons and vehicles from the period 1920-1950)

MAFVA - Miniature Armoured Fighting Vehicle Association

Toadman's Tank Pictures - Specializing in Military Vehicle Reference Photo CD's (USA)

Perth (Australia) Military Modeling Site

HMMWV In Scale (Modeling and Vehicle site about the US "Hummer") Shopland Collection, The (UK) Rhodesian Armour Corps "Black Devils"   Unique Master Models-USA - Specializing in high quality tools and model kits from the Czech Republic (Illinois, USA) Track 48 - The Site for the 1/48 Armor and Military Modelling Enthusiast 
Landships II - Specializing in WWI Military Hardware South African Museum of Military History SA Bushwar Page - A site about the South African Bush wars (1966-1989)     Track Link
LRDG: Long Range Desert Group 1940-1943 Tank Museum at Bovington (UK) Sentinel Dedicated to Research and Modeling Australian and Israeli Military Vehicles      
M38A1 Restoration Site, The Tank Museum at Kubinka (Russia) Tank-Masters.DE -  Ralph Zwilling's website focusing on modern German and American Military subjects      
Military Toyota 4x4's Texas Military Forces Museum (USA) Tanks for Sale Website - Specializing in Ex-Soviet and Warsaw Pact Vehicles      
Minerva Armoured Motor Car Page U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery  Museum [Facebook Page] (Ft. Sill, OK USA) Tsahal Miniature - Dedicated to Presenting Information about and modeling IDF subjects      
Shorland Site, The U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum (Huntsville, AL USA) U.S. Army      
Vietnam Gun Truck "Psychotic Reaction" Website   U.S. Marine Corps.      
    Vitaly Kuzmin's Military Blog - Contains Photos of Russian Vehicles, Aircraft & Equipment      
    Wheels of Victory