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Danto Armored Fighting Vehicle


Country of Origin/Used by: Guatemala
First Produced/Service Dates: 1995
Manufactured by: Chassis: AM General; Armor: Guatemalan Military
Crew: 16
Armament: Turret: 20mm Cannon
Engine: 290 HP Diesel
Miscellaneous Info: This base vehicle was the M809 5 Ton Truck with an armored body. The Danto could be used for a number of roles including as an APC, convoy escort, reconnaissance and  transport.  Danto means "Tapir" in Spanish.
Data Sheet Available:   None Available


Reference Source/Provider
Photo above Julio Montes - California USA

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Reference Source/Provider


Reference Author
Armored Fighting Vehicles of El Salvador: Museum Ordnance Special Number 7  (Darlington Publications) David Spencer
Mexican and Central American Armor (Darlington Publications) Julio Montes

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