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MAP 7.5 (Mine & Ambush Protected) Vehicle*


Country of Origin/Used by: Rhodesia/Zimbabwe
First Produced/Service Dates: 1978?
Manufactured by: Automotive Components: Daimler-Benz; Armor & Fabrication: Zambesi Coachworks, Ltd.
Crew: 2+16
Armament: (1) 7.62mm Machine Gun, 12.7mm Heavy MG or 14.5mm HMG.  Some vehicles ("E-Type") were fitted with a small turret in the rear bed, mounting a machine gun.
Engine: 6-Cylinder Diesel
Miscellaneous Info:

Following the success of the earlier Puma Mine & Ambush Protected (MAP) and Crocodile MAP vehicles, the Rhodesians yet again built an improved troop carrier vehicle (TCV); The MAP 7.5. The "Seven-Five"* utilized the newly available Mercedes-Benz MB L1113 7.5 ton truck as its automotive base.  One should note that these Mercedes Trucks were rebadged as "RODEF" vehicles so as to aid in disguising their source in order to circumvent the International Arms Embargo in place at the time. Regardless of its name, the new truck was much more powerful and robust than the previous ones used with the earlier Puma and Crocodile MAP's.  In addition, a new armored hull was designed for use with the Mercedes chassis.  Besides the front armor being modified to fit the cab shape of the new truck, the rear hull was slightly redesigned as well. Most notable of these differences was the addition of side and rear "escape" hatches. Like the prior Crocodile, the MAP 7.5's were armed with pintle-mounted light to medium weapons; the "E-Type" convoy escort vehicles even being fitted with turrets mounting light machine guns. 

With the use of the improved Mercedes components, more variants of the MAP 7.5 were able to be created and fielded.  An important reason for this added flexibility was that two (2) chassis of different lengths were now available for use: the "regular" and the "short".  The most common version of the "Seven-Five" was as always, the TCV.  Other variants using the "regular" length chassis were the aforementioned "E-Type" convoy escort vehicle, Ambulance and Command Vehicle.  Variants using the "short" chassis were the Articulated Tractor ("Fifth Wheel"), Cargo "Flatback", Horse Carrying Vehicle (HCV) and Recovery Vehicle.  Due to this vehicle's success, the lighter and smaller MAP 4.5 Vehicle was created very soon after it went into action.


* The name of this vehicle is alternately written as MAP 7.5 or 75.  However, the soldiers and crews serving with them usually referred to them as "Seven-Fives".

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Reference Source/Provider
  MAP 7.5 Horse Carrying Vehicle (HCV) Photo John Wynne Hopkins
      MAP 7.5 Troop Carrying Vehicle (TCV) Photos John Wynne Hopkins

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