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New Zealand Light Armored Vehicle

(NZLAV) Infantry Mobility Vehicle


Country of Origin/Used by: New Zealand
First Produced/Service Dates: 2003
Manufactured by: General Dynamics Land Systems -Canada
Crew: 3+7

Turret: M242 25mm Bushmaster Cannon; Co-Axial: MAG58 7.62mm Machine Gun; Pintle Mounted: 7.62mm MG

Engine: 6 Cylinder Diesel
Miscellaneous Info:

The NZLAV Infantry Mobility Vehicle is closely related to the Canadian LAV III Series as it is also based upon the Swiss Piranha III Series.  The US Army's Stryker IFV Series is similar as it is also derived from the LAV III design, although looking very different since it lacks the NZLAV's turret. The only other NZLAV variant is the LAV-R (Recovery) vehicle although the IMV's can mount a Light Obstacle Blade (LOB) if needed. 

Data Sheet Available:   None Available


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  New Zealand NZLAV IMV Photo General Dynamics Land Systems -Australia
New Zealand NZLAV IMV Photos General Dynamics Land Systems -Canada
    New Zealand NZLAV IMV Photos U.S. Department of Defense

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Hobby Modeling

Kits and Accessories

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LAV Mirrors (357132)

Echelon Fine Details


For Trumpeter Model Kits; "Peel and Stick" Series.

NZLAV Phase III (Uparmored) Conversion (RMA 35127) REAL Model 1/35 Resin/Photo-Etch; For AFV Club Stryker model kit.

Model Photos

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