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RG-35 Mine Protected Vehicle



Country of Origin/Used by: South Africa/Great Britain
First Produced/Service Dates: 2008
Manufactured by: BAE Land Systems OMC
Crew: 4x4 = 1+9
6x6 = 1+15
Armament: (1) 7.62mm, 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun or 40mm Grenade Launcher in Remote Control Weapon System (RCWS) Turret. 
Engine: (6) Cylinder Diesel
Miscellaneous Info: Comes in both 4x4 (RPU-Reconnaissance, Patrol & Utility Vehicle) and 6x6 (MPFV- Multi-Purpose Fighting Vehicle) Configurations.  Other possible variants include an ambulance, cargo, command, engineer, mortar and recovery vehicle.

The RG-35 was recently (2011) offered to the Canadian Army as an option to meet their Tactical Armored Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) requirement, but was not selected.
Data Sheet Available:   RG-35 4x4 MPV Sales Brochure (BAE Land Systems OMC)


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RG-35 4x4 and 6x6 MPV Photos BAE Land Systems
RG-35 6X6 MPV Photos Marius Van Aardt - South Africa

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