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Rolls-Royce 1924 Pattern

Mark 1 Armoured Car


Country of Origin/Used by: Great Britain
First Produced/Service Dates: 1924
Manufactured by: Rolls-Royce, Ltd.
Crew: 2-3
Armament: Turret: (1) Vickers .303 MG; Commander: (1) .303 Lewis Gun (on some later vehicles)*
Engine: 6 Cylinder Gasoline
Miscellaneous Info: The 1924 Pattern vehicle is similar to the earlier Rolls-Royce 1914 Admiralty Turreted and 1920 Pattern Armored Cars. That is not surprising as it is also based on the 40/50 horse power Silver Ghost Chassis, but with some additional improvements.  In fact, the Silver Ghost chassis was initially used on the First Admiralty Pattern vehicles and remained relatively unchanged until 1925.  Please note: Some sources state that 1924 Pattern vehicles produced after 1925 MAY have been based upon the Ghost's successor, the similar Phantom 1 chassis.

Although the 1924 Pattern vehicle was listed as the "Mark 1", there is no indication that a Mark 2 vehicle was ever produced. The identification of the (3) three similar Rolls-Royce turreted vehicle types is difficult at times. The vehicles were upgraded and improved a number of times as they were in service for many years. For instance, older pattern hulls were sometimes fitted to new vehicle suspension & drive trains.  "Typical" 1924 pattern vehicle characteristics include a new smaller turret with commander's cupola, the machine gun fitted in ball-mount, "dome" added above driver to increase headroom, driver's cab front armor plate split into two separate vision ports, anti-bullet "splash" rails on hood, rear hatch now mounted on left-side of hull (instead of in the middle), larger storage chests on vehicle rear and the addition of a tailgate.

* In 1940, some vehicles of the 11th Hussars were upgraded with new non-revolving "turrets" mounting a (1) .55 caliber BOYS anti-tank rifle and (1) .303 caliber BREN light machine gun (See photo below). Some references indicate the vehicles mounted Frazier-Nash turret, but they were in fact built by Nairn Transport Company, Cairo.
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Rolls-Royce Pattern 1924 Armored Car Model Kit

Model Review by John Ratzenberger at Eastern Carolina Plastic Modelers (IPMS/USA) Website


1/35 Resin, white metal and photo-etched brass details.
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