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1/76 Thornycroft 13-Pounder

Anti-Aircraft Motor Mounting

Model Photo


Model and Photo Courtesy of Steve Guthrie - Peterborough, Ontario Canada



The 13-pounder Motor Mounting was one of the first successful mobile anti-aircraft gun of World War I.  The gun itself was modified 18-pounder field gun, modified to fire the smaller 13-pounder shell which was fixed to the normal 18-pounder cartridge.  The truck was a Thornycroft 3-ton "J"-type.  The only kit parts used are matchbox 1/76th scale Panther wheels for the wheels and 1/35th scale Tamiya PzKpfw IV and M5A1 Stuart bogie tires for the front and rear tires respectively.  Everything else is scratch-built from styrene rod, tube and sheet.  Markings are for the 5th Canadian AA Battery.