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"What's New" Items

Here is a listing of "What's New" on WarWheels.Net.  The information is listed by date updated with the most recent dates on top and older items at the bottom. Information Prior to March 1, 2024 is listed in the Archives below.

Date Item Updated or Added
May 17, 2024 We've finally got to putting up a vehicle index covering the BA-20 Armored Car Series.
May 12th Today we've posted a new index covering the HMT Light Weight Recovery (LWR) Vehicle, produced by Supacat and NP Aerospace.
May 8th We've added some pics today showing a vehicle which doesn't seem to be photographed much: the British Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle.
May 5th Today we've posted a new vehicle index covering one of the most unusual armored cars ever built: the Sizaire-Berwick Wind-Wagon.
April 28th Finally, we're posting the last of Peter Bryant's Land Rover XD "Wolf" pics.  These 50 cover the Hard Top TUM's.
April 23rd Back to Peter's Landy photos.  We've added 25 more pics of Land Rover Wolf XD "Wolf" TUM Soft Tops.
April 20th A little change for today with the addition of photos of the Mfezi Armored Ambulance.
April 16th More Landy Wolf Ambulances today via Peter Bryant.  These photos cover the "Pulse" Field Ambulance.
April 15th As promised, here's more Landy Wolf pics via Peter: these cover Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) TUM variants.
April 14th We've added a first batch of Land Rover Defender XD "Wolf" TUM Utility Vehicle photos, courtesy again of Peter Bryant.  As we have so many of them, we will be adding additional pics intermittently.
April 13th Our latest addition consists of photos of the Reckless All-Terrain Vehicle.
April 7th Peter Bryant is back with photos of the Land Rover Defender XD "Wolf" TUL Utility Vehicle.
April 6th Today we have some photos of the Polish Hipopotam Multi-Role Armored Vehicle.
April 1st Don Allen is back with another completed project.  Today's addition covers his 1/35 IMA India Pattern Wheeled Armored Carrier Mark 2 Model Kit.
March 31st Following up on yesterday, we have photos of the Defender 110/TUM Station Wagon, also courtesy of Peter Bryant.
March 30th New contributor Peter Bryant, has sent us some of his photos covering the Land Rover Defender 130 Double-Cab Pick Up.  Peter is a prolific photographer of military vehicles seen at the British Army's Salisbury Plain Training Area. We have more pics from Peter, so keep an eye out for them. 
March 27th We have a unique update today with photos of Mike Tizard's 1/12 Scratchbuilt Saracen Special Water Dispenser Model. The story of his project is very interesting and is included with the pics. 
March 26th Building upon March 3rd's addition, we've created a new index covering the entire Dragon VCR Wheeled Combat Vehicle Series.
March 18th We're back from a bit of a vacation the past couple weeks.  Our latest addition to the site is photos of the Belgian Piranha 3C Fuselier Armored Infantry Vehicle.
March 5th Today we have Glen Phelan's review of the new book set "Italian Soft-Skinned Vehicles of the Second World War: Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, Artillery Tractors 1935-1945 (Volumes 1 & 2)".  The review copies were provided by WarWheels sponsor Casemate Publishers.
March 3, 2024 We've posted photos of the relatively new Spanish Dragon Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

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