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"What's New" Items

Here is a listing of "What's New" on WarWheels.Net.  The information is listed by date updated with the most recent dates on top and older items at the bottom. Information Prior to August 1, 2022 is listed in the Archives below.

Date Item Updated or Added
October 1, 2022 We're finishing up the Freccia series (for now) with the addition of photos showing the ATGM Carrier and HITFIST OWS 30 turreted version.
September 30th The October issue of Airfix Model World Magazine has made it into my mailbox and it contains the article "Amiens Raider" by Toni Canfora. It covers his build of Copper State Models' 1/35 Canadian Armoured (Autocar) MG Carrier kit (CSM35006).
September 29th Today we have new pics of the Freccia Command Vehicle (ACP).
September 25th Back to the Centauro Freccia series again.  We've posted a few photos of the Armored Personnel Carrier variant today.
September 24th   The October issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has arrived and it has two articles that may be interesting to WW visitors.  The first is "Holy Joe", authored by Time Gosling and covers his WW II era Chaplain-marked Jeep.  The second is "Talking Tanks", an interview with friend of WW, Lt. Col. (ret'd) Dick Taylor, by Phil Loder.
September 18th We're back to the Centauro Freccia series, with photos of the Armored Recovery Vehicle.
September 17th We've finally added an entry on on our "Links" page to one of our favorite websites, Tank Encyclopedia- The Online Tank Museum.
Septmber 9th It seems like the product reviews are coming all at once.  This installment is Dr. Chris Lloyd-Staples' review of Kagero Publishing's "39/40M Csaba Armoured Cars in World War 2", authored by Péter Mujzer.
Septmber 8th Today, we've posted photos of the Centauro Freccia Mortar Carrier (AMC).
September 7th We have posted Don Allen's review of the Casemate book, "US Army Diamond T Vehicles In World War Two", authored by Didier Andres.
September 4th Staying on French vehicles, we've posted about 10 additional pics of the Panhard AML-90 Armored Car.
September 3rd Today we've posted about 20 additional pics of the Panhard AML-60 Armored Car courtesy of Don Allen and the Massimo Foti Collection.  So, if you've not had a chance to view that vehicle index in awhile, take a look.
August 27th We've got our latest book review up, courtesy of Dr. Chris Lloyd-Staples.  His review covers the Casemate Publishers offering, "Dodge WC54 Ambulance".
August 26th Today, we have added photos of the Caiman Surrogate (Training) Vehicle, taken at the Russell Military Museum, in Zion, Illinois USA.
  Speaking of the Russell Museum, they have an upcoming event on September 10-11th that should be interesting.  Click on the photo to check out details.
August 21st   The September issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has gotten here already and it has two articles interesting to our ilk.  The first is "A Relaxed and Sociable Gathering" by Craig Allen, which covers the 2022 Classic Land Rover Gathering.  The other article is "Tres Hombres" by Louise Limb, highlighting the three WW II-era and M38A1 Jeeps owned by a trio of friends.
August 19th After a bit of a lull, we have Glen Phelan's review of the new Pen & Sword book, "Camouflage: Modern International Military Patterns".
August 7, 2022 We posted a new vehicle index covering the Australian Kirsch Armored Car.

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