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"What's New" Items

Here is a listing of "What's New" on WarWheels.Net.  The information is listed by date updated with the most recent dates on top and older items at the bottom. Information Prior to December 1, 2022 is listed in the Archives below.

Date Item Updated or Added
February 5, 2023 We have a really cool spread today via small-scale modeler, Ron Bell.  Ron has sent us photos of his converted 1/72 Sizaire-Berwick "Windwagen" Model.
February 4th For a bit of a change, we've posted over 40 photos of the Guatemalan Armadillo Armored Troop Transport via long-time contributer Oscar Valladares.
January 30th Today, we've finished our work (for the time being) on the JLTV series.  This last installment consists of a bunch of photos showing concept, demonstration, proposed and prototype variants.  If you want to see these weird and wonderful vehicles, you can go to our JLTV Series Index.
January 29th We're starting to get to the end of our work on the JLTV.  Today, we've posted additional photos of the M1279 Utility and M1280 General Purpose Vehicles, mostly from Oshkosh Defense.  As usual, if you want to check them out, you should go to our JLTV Series Index.
January 28th Back to the JLTV.  We have posted the last photos we have of the M1278 Heavy Guns Carrier and M1281 Close Combat Weapons Carrier.  If you want to see pics of either variant, you can access our JLTV Series Index to find them.
January 27th We're having a wee break from the JLTV by posting photos of the Stryker Medium Caliber Weapons System (MCWS) Vehicle.
January 22nd As things go, since we were working on the JLTV, we're posting more pics of that vehicle.  This time, we've got photos of the M1281 Close Combat Weapons (TOW) Carrier courtesy of the USMC.
January 21st We've substantially updated our Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) index the past few days, including adding a number of new photos.  Check it out!
January 20th   The February issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has arrived and it has the article "A War Life Saver" by Gerry van Tonder.  The article covers the unique Pookie Mine Detector Vehicle. 
January 13th Via Oscar again, we've added more pics of the Danto Armored Fighting Vehicle.
January 12th A nice surprise came the past couple days with a few emails containing a bunch of photos from Oscar Valladares.  First, we present Oscar's pics of Guatemalan RBY Mark 1 Light Armored Recon Vehicles.
January 8th Today, we've put up some photos of the Streit Group Cobra 4x4 APC.
January 5th Courtesy of long-time supporter Ralph Zwilling, Editor of Tank-Masters.DE, we have some new photos of the RG-31 Mark 5 MRAP, this one mounting a Fassi Interrogation Arm.
January 2, 2023 With all the work we've done lately on modern German vehicles, we've also been able to update the Fennek Light Armored Recon Vehicle index, including adding a few new photos courtesy of the Bundeswehr.
December 31, 2022 Our last update for this year consists of a new index covering the Rheinmetall Wisent GFF-4 Armored Command & Utility Vehicle.
December 30th To finish off 2022, we've got another book review by Al Crawford.  Al's review covers the new Pen & Sword title, "Pakwagen: Sdkfz 234/3 & 234/4 Heavy Armored Cars-German Army, Waffen-SS and Luftwaffe Units", authored by Dennis Oliver.
December 24th Today we've added a new vehicle index covering the German Bison (sGeBaf) Heavy Protected Recovery Vehicle.
December 23rd   The January 2023 issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has come as a pleasant Christmas surprise and it contains the article "Light Work" by Craig Moore.  Mr. Moore's article covers all marks of the Humber Light Reconnaissance Car (LRC). 
December 19th While researching the Serval, we also came up with additional photos of the larger Griffon VBMR, which we've just posted.
December 16th After a bit of a delay, we've added a new index covering the lightest French Scorpion Program vehicle, the Serval Multi-Role Armored Vehicle-Light (VBMR-L).
December 15th We've recently found some pics on Wikipedia showing an African Union Mamba Mine Protected APC we've just posted.  You should note the pics on Wiki are labeled as an RG-31 vehicle.
December 11th Today, we have added some pics of Dutch Fennek Light Armored Recon Vehicles via the Netherlands Royal Army.
December 9th Following up from yesterday, we've added more photos of the Bearcat X3 Utility Vehicle variants, mostly Police/Fire "civy" Models.  Again, visit the Bearcat Armored Truck Series page to see the pics.
December 8th We've been able to upgrade the Lenco Bearcat Armored Truck Series page, by the addition of photos of the newish X3 Utility Variant.  You can find the new pics by browsing the index.
December 4, 2022 Today we have a new index covering the Alpha MRAP Vehicle.

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