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"What's New" Items

Here is a listing of "What's New" on WarWheels.Net.  The information is listed by date updated with the most recent dates on top and older items at the bottom. Information Prior to June 1, 2022 is listed in the Archives below.

Date Item Updated or Added
August 19, 2022 After a bit of a lull, we have Glen Phelan's review of the new Pen &Sword book, "Camouflage: Modern International Military Patterns".
August 7th We posted a new vehicle index covering the Australian Kirsch Armored Car.
July 31st Today we've posted some additional photos of the Rolls Royce 1914 Admiralty Turreted Pattern Armored Car.
July 30th   The August issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has arrived and contains the article "Choosing a Jeep" by Robert U'Ren.  In the article, the author describes the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a World War era vs. a Hotchkiss-built post-war Jeep.
July 24th Via the U.S. Army, we've posted photos of the Stryker Directed Energy Mobile-SHORAD (DE M-SHORAD) Vehicle.
July 23rd We've posted some photos of the Ford Model T Patrol Car, courtesy of the Australian War Memorial.
July 19th Christophe Jacquemont is back with his review of the newer MMP Books title, "Schwerer Gelandegangiger Personenkfraftwagen and Successors".
July 9th Today we've added more photos of the Dingo 2 GE A3.1 Operative Informationen (Psy Ops) Vehicle.
July 8th Following its "brother" from a couple days ago, we've added photos and improved the index of the FUG D-442/OT-65 Amphibious Recon Vehicle.
July 6th We've put up some additional photos of the Hungarian PSZH D-944 APC.

Also, DEF Model has announced a 1/35 K131/KM420 Armoured Light Utility Vehicle (LUV) Model Kit (DK35008).
July 3rd Today we have a new vehicle index covering the Pansarbil M/39 & M/40 Lynx Armored Cars.

Also, Hong Kong Creation Workshop has released a 1/35 Jackal 1 Detail Set (CK3557A) for the Hobby Boss Kit.
July 2nd There's been a few modeling hobby announcements this week.  They are AK Interactive's 1/35 FJ43 (Toyota) SUV with Hard Top Model Kit (AK35001), FJ43 (Toyota) SUV with DShKM Model Kit (AK35002) and SdKfz 234/2 Puma Model Kit (AK35503); and FC Model Trend's 1/35 Land Rover Pink Panther Weighted Wheels (37082), for the Tamiya kit.
June 26th Today we have some photos of an M1025A2 HMMWV Ground Mobility Vehicle (GMV).
June 25th We have the last (for now) photos from "Mecanix".  These cover his 1/35 Bedford RL Blue Water Missile Transporter/Erector/Launcher model.
June 24th   I received the July edition of Classic Military Vehicle magazine and it has one relevant article titled "Long Service" by Craig Allen.  The article describes the return to use of the Land Rover R-WMIK by the British Parachute Regiment.

Also one new product for today: Quinta Studio has released a set of 1/35 Kubelwagen Type 82 Interior 3D Decals (QD35055) for the Italeri kit.
June 20th "Mecanix" Model Mania continues with the posting of photos of his 1/35 Irish CJ-3B Jeep and 1/35 Panhard AML-127 Models.
June 19th There's been a few hobby modeling products announced this week.  They are Rye Field Model’s 1/35 JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) Model Kit (5090) and Star Decals’ 1/35 “DDR-NVA #4- East Germany. Grenztruppen & Volkspolize” (35-C1345) (Includes markings for the GAZ-69, UAZ-469 & BTR-40), “French Fighting Vehicles In Africa #1” (35-C1348) and 1/72 “French Fighting Vehicles In Africa” (72-A1107) (both with markings for the Marmon-Herrington Mark 3) and 1/72 “Nicaragua: Guardia Nacional 1925-79 & Sandinista Guerilla 1979” (72-A1105) (Includes markings for the Staghound 1).
June 18th We have more photos from "Mecanix" showing his work.  They cover his 1/35 Royal Irish Constabulary Ford Model T Patrol Wagon and 1/35 RUC Lancia Tender of the Northern Ireland Governor's Police Bodyguard.
June 17th We've put up Christophe Jacquemont's review of the new book by David Doyle, "AM General- The First 50 Years: 1971-2021".
June 15th Long-time friend and contributor "Mecanix" has sent us some additional photos of his 1/35 Irish Armored Unimog S404 APC Model. In addition, he's sent us new pics of his 1/35 RUC FV1609 Humber "Pig" Patrol Tender Model.

Lastly, RPG Model has released a new kit in the form of a 1/35 KAMAZ K-4386 Typhoon-VDV with Remote Weapon Station kit (35022).
June 5, 2022 Today, we've added photos of the Ondava 152mm Model 77 Self-Propelled Howitzer.

In addition, one hobby model product was announced by Trumpeter; a new 1/72 Dutch Fennek LGS Model Kit (07401).

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