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"What's New" Items

Here is a listing of "What's New" on WarWheels.Net.  The information is listed by date updated with the most recent dates on top and older items at the bottom. Information Prior to December 1, 2023 is listed in the Archives below.

Date Item Updated or Added
February 26, 2024 Our last early vehicle addition (for the time being) comes in the form of a new vehicle index covering the Talbot Admiralty Turreted Pattern Armored Car.
February 21st Courtesy of OTT Solutions (PTY) Ltd., we have some photos of their Ratel 20 ICV SLEP (Service Life Extension Program).
February 20th Back to early British vehicles with the addition of a new index covering the Rolls-Royce/Talbot/Wolseley First Admiralty Pattern Armored Cars.
February 19th Today we've posted photos of the Soframe Arive Armored Infantry Vehicle.
February 10th We've finally gotten a chance to work on some vehicles we've been wanting to add to the site.  Today, we've posted an index covering the Rolls-Royce First RNAS Pattern Armored Car.
February 4th It's been a few months since we first added pics of Stephen Tegner's incredible 1/10 scratchbuilt/3D printed Ratel 20 Infantry Combat Vehicle model project.  But, since then Stephen has made some very nice progress, as evidenced by the new pics we've added to his model page (linked above). The most recent photos are at the top of the page. 
February 3rd Today we've put up some photos of the Lenco Armored Vehicles' Landcat Light APC.
January 26th Sticking with Light Armored Vehicles, we've put up a nice collection of photos covering the Canadian LAV 6.0, also courtesy of Don Allen.
January 22nd We've added over 25 new photos covering the LAV-25A2, via our good friend Don Allen.
January 18th Today we've posted a new index covering the British World War One-Era Delaunay-Belleville Armored Car.
January 16th It's probably not surprising to anyone, but we've now just added a TON of additional photos of the Daimler Mark 2 Armored Car.
January 15th Going "old school", we posted a bunch of additional pics of the Daimler Mark 1 Armored Car.
January 14th Today, we've got another new index on the site, this one covering the relatively unknown South African Swerwer Mine-Resistant Vehicle.
January 13th We've posted a vehicle index for the Chrysler/Fargo T23 Armored Car Series.
January 11th Back to the SOF vehicles for today, we added a new index covering the Polaris Alpha Light Tactical Vehicle/Ultra Light Tactical Vehicle (ULTV).
January 6, 2024 Happy New Year folks!  I hope you had a great holiday season and a prosperous and healthy 2024.  As our first addition of the year, we've posted a new index covering the Polaris MV700/MV800/MV850 Model ATV's.
December 29, 2023 Today we've posted 60 additional detail photos of the M1117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicle via Robert Skipper.
December 27th   To remind us 2023 is almost over, the January 2024 issue of Classic Military Vehicle magazine has gotten here and it has a nice selection of articles.  They are "Banana Split Wagons" by Craig Allen, which discusses the Supacat All-Terrain Mobility Platform (ATMP); "Behind Enemy Lines" (also by Craig) highlighting SAS WWII activity in Europe; and "Tip of the Spear" authored by Barrimore England-Davis and covering the ERC-90 F4 Sagaie.
December 26th We're going back a bit in time with the posting of some additional photos of South Vietnamese (ARVN) V-100 Commando Armored Cars via the Australian War Memorial.
December 23rd Today we've posted a new index covering the French Grizzly Heavy Special Forces Vehicle/Sabre Special Forces Patrol Vehicle.
December 15th We've just added another vehicle on WW, which we've wanted for awhile.  Today we've posted an index covering the USMC's Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen Interim Fast Attack Vehicle (IFAV).
December 8th Sticking with the "R's", we've posted a new index covering the American R-1 Rescue All-Terrain Transport (RATT).
December 7th Unexpectedly, we're back to the Ratel for a bit.  Stephen Tegner has sent us some Engine Line Drawings from the Ratel Technical Manual.
December 1, 2023 Today we've posted a new index covering one of our favorite vehicles, the Panhard VPS 1 (Véhicule Patrouille Spéciale).

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