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About Us

Thank you for visiting WarWheels.Net.  We hope you enjoy our website. Here is some information about WarWheels.Net that you may, or may not, find interesting.

Who are we?

Patrick Keenan:  Editor & Webmaster (Mundelein, Illinois USA)

Website of the IPMS/USA Armored Car/Wheeled Fighting Vehicle SIG

WarWheels.Net is the "Official" Website of the Armored Car/Wheeled Fighting Vehicle IPMS/USA Special Interest Group (SIG).

Why did we create WarWheels.Net?

As Patrick surfed the Internet for information on armored cars and wheeled fighting vehicles, he found that there was not a lot out there.  What was out there, was pretty much hit or miss, very limited in scope and or not for the modeler.  Most of the AC stuff we did happen to find was targeted for enthusiasts of the real vehicle.  There is nothing wrong with that because as modelers we can use that info.  However, info targeted specifically for us AC/WFV modelers was pretty bare and definitely all over the place.  What was truly shocking was that Patrick could not find one single site dedicated to the exclusive coverage of, or specializing in, topics related to armored cars and/or wheeled fighting vehicles in general or modeling them in specific!  Patrick thought, it would be really nice to have an online resource similar to the hard copy Armored Car Journal (ACJ) that David Haugh published in the early to mid 1990's.

There was one major problem, Patrick had the capability to create a website, but did not have a lot of reference material to present.  He decided to find and contact David to see if he had a website or knew of any other excellent armored car resource.  With the help of Peter Brown, Patrick was able to contact David about the idea of creating an online ACJ-type resource.  One thing led to another and WarWheels was born!

Although David has always provided a large portion of information to WW and had assisted Patrick in building up WW's content library, he did not become an "official" WarWheels team member until March 2006.

Mission Statement

Our vision is to make WarWheels.Net into a comprehensive online resource for modelers and enthusiasts of armored cars and wheeled fighting vehicles from all eras.


To make this website the best it can be, we need YOUR assistance!  Your submissions of information, pictures, model product reviews, etc., are not only welcomed, but greatly encouraged.  If you would like to submit something for inclusion to WarWheels.Net, please e-mail Patrick at warwheels@gmail.com .  We will try to include all submissions sent to us as soon as we can.  


If you ever have any questions or comments please contact Patrick at the email address above.  We will try to answer all e-mail inquiries as soon as possible.


Patrick Keenan - Editor & Webmaster


In Memoriam


David R. Haugh

June 3, 1944 - June 21, 2020