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Automilitrailleuse Dodge 4x2 "Tanake"


Country of Origin/Used by: France
First Produced/Service Dates: 1940
Manufactured by: Dodge Brothers
Crew: 5
Armament: (1) 37mm Anti-Tank Gun and (2 or 3) Light Machine Guns M24/29
Engine: 6 Cylinder
Miscellaneous Info: Approximately (10) Dodge 1 1/2 ton Trucks were armed and armored and used by the French, Vichy French, Free French and Syrian forces.
Data Sheet Available:   AM Dodge "Tanake" Data Sheet by David Haugh


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AM Dodge "Tanake" Photos Dave Haugh - Content Editor

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AM Dodge "Tanake" Model Kit (72046)

First Look by Patrick Keenan - Editor

Full Build Review by Chuck Aleshire via AMPS Website

Retrokit 1/72 Resin and Photo Etch.

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1/72 Retrokit AM Dodge Tanake Chuck Aleshire - Shorewood, IL