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Product Review

Archer Fine Transfers

1/35 US Armor Propaganda Poster and Pin-Up Set

By Tom Kondziolka - Chicago, Illinois USA

Basic Item Information


US Armor Propaganda Posters and Pin-Up Poster Set

Stock Number



Archer Fine Transfers




Thin Paper

Kit Contents

17 Posters and 9 Pin Ups.

Retail Price

$5.95 USD


Tom Kondziolka

Review Date

January 6, 2008

Review Summary

Review Type

First Look

Overall Rating

9 of 10

Quality Rating

10 of 10

Variety Rating

8 of 10


Highly Recommended


Product Review

Unlike most of the Archer transfers, this set is printed on a very thin paper and is not intended as a rubdown transfer set.  Since the posters and pin-ups are printed thin paper these items are designed to be mounted using white glue or some similar adhesive. The posters are in color printed using waterproof ink and are beautifully rendered.  The pin-up girls are in black in white, which would be proper for the time period.

There are seventeen different color posters, eleven different types with some of the posters being two different sizes, there are nine black and white pin-ups two of which are the famous Betty Grable centerfold photo (which could come in handy for a Battle of the Bulge diorama). I am sure that the other actresses are famous as well but this is the only one I recognize from the movie Stalag 17. The resolution is very good and none of the posters appear to have any register issues and the small text is readable with a magnifying glass. The posters scale out from 3ft x 4ft with the largest being 5ft, 3in. x 2ft, 9 in. and the smaller ones are 1ft, 6 in. x 2ft.   The pin-up girls range from 10 in. x 10 in. to the standard centerfold 12 in. X 18 in. size.

As for the US armor propaganda posters since most of the posters are selling war bonds I canít imagine some poor GI spending his $25 a month on a war bond.  The remainder of the propaganda posters are basically pushing to build more tanks to defeat the enemy.  If your planning a diorama with US factories building more tanks or halftracks then these seem to be perfect for the walls of the factory.  The pin-up girls seem to have most use in this set as I mentioned earlier.  I can see these girls being plastered inside (or outside) of tanks and halftracks.  Even in the hands of the Germans just so they can see what the other side has to look forward too when they go home. There has to be some modeler out there building a Sherman or an M2 halftrack that needs one of these gals to remind them who they are fighting for.

Quality Rating = 10/10

Variety Rating = 8/10

Overall rating = 9/10: 

Highly Recommended (For the pin-up girls).


Thanks to Woody Vondracek and Archer Fine Transfers for the Review Sample

Copyright: Tom Kondziolka - January 6, 2008