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Armadillo Armored Troop

Transport Vehicle



Country of Origin/Used by: Guatemala
First Produced: 1981
Manufactured by: Guatemalan War Material Service (SMG- Servicio Militar de Guerra)
Armament: Numerous armament packages including pintle mounted and turreted .50 cal M2HB Heavy and .30 cal M1916 Browning machine guns.  Some interesting mountings include a modified Cadillac-Gage T50 turret as well as the Guatemalan SMG designed remote controlled "Camaleon" turret. 
Engine: (6) Cylinder Diesel
Miscellaneous Info: Although the Armadillo was inspired by the M706/V100 Commando, it was an indigenous Guatemalan creation. A total of 30 vehicles were created in four batches.  The last 12 Armadillos can be identified by their more "rounded" appearance.
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Armadillo APC Photos Oscar Valladares - Guatemala
Armadillo APC Photo (Fitted with Modified Cadillac-Gage T50 Turret) Oscar Valladares

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Armadillo APC Information (In Spanish) & Photos Facebook Page


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Mexican and Central American Armor (Darlington Publications) Julio Montes

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