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BA-20 Armored Car Series



Country of Origin/Used by: USSR (Also, Finland & Germany)
First Produced/Service Dates: BA-20  = 1936
BA-20M = 1938
Manufactured by: Soviet State Arsenal Vyksinskiy Zavod
Crew: 2 (3 if equipped with radio)
Armament: Turret: (1) 7.62mm Machine Gun
Engine: 4 Cylinder Gasoline
Miscellaneous Info: The BA-20 was the first production vehicle in the series and based upon the GAZ-M1 light car chassis. It succeeded the earlier FA-I armored cars. The later, improved version, was the BA-20M.  Although based upon the same GAZ chassis as the BA-20, significant changes included a larger fuel tank and a wider, conical-shaped turret (vs. round).

Two major variants were created on the base BA-20 & BA-20M vehicles.  The first was the BA-20U Command Armored Car, built upon the earlier BA-20.  These can be identified by the large frame antenna wrapping around the entire car hull.  A command armored car was also built using the later BA-20M, most of which either had a "dash-pot" antenna mount on the hood or (later), a common "whip" antenna on the left side of the hull. However, some of the early BA-20M based command cars, were fitted with the frame antenna.  The second variant of the series was the BA-20 and BA-20M ZhD "Road-Rail" car.  These vehicles were equipped with interchangeable road and rail wheels, for use on both surfaces.  After the surprise invasion of the Soviet Union by Germany, many vehicles were captured, and used by them and Finland.  Finland designated
the earlier BA-20's in use as the PS-5, and the later BA-20M's, PS-6.  On the other hand, Germany named the captured vehicles Panzerspahwagen BA-202(r).
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BA-20 Armored Car Photos Vitaly Kuzmin - Moscow, Russia
  BA-20U Command Armored Car Photo German Bundesarchiv
  BA-20M Armored Car Photo "Chris O" via Wikimedia Commons
  BA-20M (Replica) Armored Car Photo Vitaly Kuzmin - Moscow, Russia
  BA-20M Command Armored Car Photo German Bundesarchiv
Finnish PS-6/ BA-20M Command Armored Car Photos Don Allen - Ottawa, Canada
  Finnish PS-6/ BA-20M Command Armored Car Photo "Balcer" via Wikimedia Commons

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Hobby Modeling

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Model Photos

Reference Source/Provider
BA-20M ZhD Armored Rail Car (1/35) Model Photos Chuck Aleshire - Shorewood, Illinois USA