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BaxMod Product Listing

BAX Mod is a small model company from South Africa, that specializes in hobby models of that country's modern military vehicles.  Many of their products are of wheeled fighting vehicles, but they do have others such as a 1/72 Bergepanzer and MRLS launcher as well as an Oryx helicopter. Since the subject matter of WarWheels concerns only WFV's, I will only present information on those type of vehicle models.

For Product information and how to place an order you can contact Chris Baxter at chris@baxmod.co.za .


Photographs of Completed Models


1/35 Casspir APC

1/35 Buffel APC

1/72 Mfesi Armored Ambulance

1/72 Ratel 20 Armored Vehicle


Available Wheeled Fighting Vehicle Model Kits (As of 2007)

Model Kit Scale Price
Buffel APC 1/35 350 Rand
Casspir APC 1/35 350 Rand
Ratel 20 Vehicle 1/35 350 Rand
Buffel APC 1/72 180 Rand
Mfesi Armored Ambulance 1/72 180 Rand
Ratel 20 IFV 1/72 180 Rand
Ratel 90 Fire Support Vehicle 1/72 180 Rand
Ratel 81mm Carrier 1/72 180 Rand
Ratel ZT3 ATGM Vehicle 1/72 180 Rand
Ratel 12.7mm Command Vehicle 1/72 180 Rand
Samil 20 Armored Vehicle 1/72 180 Rand

***The Shipping Cost is approximately 120 Rand anywhere in the world for up to 4 Models.