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BRDM-1 Scout Car


Country of Origin/Used by: USSR (and many other countries)
First Produced/Service Dates: 1958
Manufactured by: GAZ, Soviet State Factories
Crew: 2-3
Armament: (1) 7.62mm PKT Light Machine Gun
Engine: (6) Cylinder Gasoline
Miscellaneous Info:

BRDM is the acroynm for Bronevaya Razvedyvatelnaya Dosomaya Maschina. The BRDM-1 is derived from and replaced the open topped BTR-40 Armored Scout Car and was succeeded by the BRDM-2 Scout Car Series.  In fact, the BRDM-1 is so closely related to the BTR-40, its original designation was BTR-40P (P= denoting it's amphibious capability).

Some of the other variants of this vehicle are the BRDM-1U Command Vehicle, BRDM-1 RKh Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle, BRDM-1 2P27, BRDM-1 2P32 and BRDM-1 9P110 ATGM Vehicles.

Data Sheet Available:   BRDM-1 Scout Car by Dave Haugh


Reference Source/Provider
BRDM-1 Scout Car Photos Major (Retired) Don Allen - Orleans, Ontario Canada
  BRDM-1 Scout Car Photo Roger Greenaway - Margate, UK
BRDM-1 Scout Car Photos Dave Haugh - Content Editor
  BRDM-1 Scout Car Photo Stephen "Cookie" Sewell
  BRDM-1 Scout Car Photo Przenek Skulski
  BRDM-1 Scout Car Photo (Indonesia) Dave Haugh
  BRDM-1 RKh Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle Photo Dave Haugh

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Hobby Modeling

Kits and Accessories

Model Kit Manufacturer Scale Other Information
BRDM-1 Model Kit Ace 1/72nd Injection Molded Plastic.
BRDM-1 Model Kit Arsenal 1/35th Injection Molded Plastic.
BRDM-1 Model Kit Eastern Express 1/35th Injection Molded Plastic.
BRDM-1 Model Kit (7205) Siga Models 1/72nd Injection Molded Plastic.
BRDM-1 Model Kit (05596) Trumpeter 1/35th Injection Molded Plastic.
BRDM-1 Model Kit (TPA20011) Verlinden/Trophy Models 1/35th Resin
Aftermarket Set Manufacturer Scale Other Information
BRDM-1 Weighted Road Wheel Set (35618) FC Model Trend 1/35 Resin. For the Trumpeter Kit.
BRDM-1 (Sagged) Road Wheel Set (B35062) Miniarm 1/35 Resin. Re-released in 2018
BRDM/BTR Early Wheel Set (SKP093) SKP Models 1/35th Resin; Not sure if these can be used on this kit or not.
"Armoured Scout Car BRDM in Polish Service Vol.1" (72D43) Toro Models 1/35 Decals; Options for BRDM-1 and BRDM-2 Scout Cars

Model Photos

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