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Bearcat Armored Truck Series


US Navy Bearcat G2


Country of Origin/Used by: USA
First Produced/Service Dates: 2001
Manufactured by: Lenco Armored Vehicles
Crew: Up to 12 (including crew); Depending on Variant.
Armament: Based on variant and as determined by User. Some variants can mount turrets and even the Common Remote Operating Weapons Station (CROWS) 1 and 2?
Engine: 6-Cylinder Turbo-Diesel (Caterpillar C7) or optional 10-Cylinder (Ford Triton) Gasoline
Miscellaneous Info:

The Bearcat Armored Truck Series followed Lenco's successful Bear Armored Truck Series, which was used by many American Law Enforcement agencies. The name Bearcat is actually an acronym for Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter-Attack Truck. The smaller Bearcat was designed to perform duties the larger Bear vehicles were not able to accomplish.  Based on a upgraded Ford F550 Super-Duty truck chassis, the first variant, the Bearcat G2, was so successful it resulted in a modified Military variant and spawned a number of upgraded versions in both Law Enforcement and Military versions.  Advertised duties that the Bearcat family can perform are Ambulance/Medical Evacuation, Anti-Riot Protection, Armored Personnel Carrier, Assault/Counter-Assault, Convoy Protection, Emergency Response/Rescue, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Gun Truck, Patrol, Perimeter Security, Reconnaissance, Route Clearance and VIP Transport.

Bearcat Military Variants consist of the G2, G3, G4 MATV, G5, EOD, MedEvac and VIP.  Additional variants are the Tactical SUV, which is marketed as a Law Enforcement Vehicle and Anti-Riot vehicle, marketed to the "International" community.  Some basic facts and identifying features of the Military Bearcat variants are as follows:

G2 - VERY similar to G3, but designed for urban/road operations; Seats 10-12; Differs from G3 by being fitted with dual rear wheels.
G3 - VERY similar to G2, but designed for off-road operations; Differs from G2 by being fitted with Off-Road Tires and single rear wheels.
G4 MATV - Designed for vigorous off-road operations; Uparmored when compared to G2 & G3 variants; Seats 8-10; Differs from other variants by having larger windows on rear sides.
G5 - Marketed by Lenco as the Bearcat variant closest to a commercially available MRAP; Offers military-level blast protection; Seats 8; Differs from other variants by being fitted by externally mounted storage lockers.
EOD - Designed for armored bomb disposal and response; Available with on/off-road packages; Fitted with side-mounted EOD Robot Locker with Ramp.
MedEvac - Available with on/off-road packages; Can be fitted with Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) equipment; Can transport up to four stretchers casualties.
VIP - Designed and equipped for "low profile" use; Seats 6.

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