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Camionetta Model 1943/Camionetta AS 43


Country of Origin/Used by: Italy & Germany
First Produced/Service Dates: 1943
Manufactured by: SPA (SocietÓ Piemontese Automobili)/Viberti
Crew: 4-5
Armament: Italian: Front: 8mm Breda Model 1937 Machine Gun; Back: (1) 20/65 Breda Model 35 Cannon or (1) 47/32 Breda/Bohler Model 35 Cannon
German: Back: (1) 20mm FLAK 30 or 38 Cannon or (1) 20mm M41 Isotta-Fraschini Cannon
Engine: 4-Cylinder Gasoline [SPA 18VT (Variant 4)]
Miscellaneous Info: At roughly the same time as building the Camionetta Desertica Model 1942/AS 42 Sahariana, SPA was tasked with developing another similar vehicle, but using more commonly available parts. Their Sahariana used many of the same automotive components as the AB 41 Armored Car, so the Italian military was looking for another vehicle to supplement them, but without using the same resources. As a result, the Camionetta (Light Truck) Model 1943/Camionetta AS 43 was designed, using the AS 37 Autocarro Sahariano as its base. Unlike early modifications to the AS 37, the AS 43 was VERY different than its predecessor.  Besides a completely new exterior body, it also fitted a more powerful engine, 4-wheel drive, independent suspension and hydraulic brakes/shocks.

This new vehicle reportedly earned a very good reputation for performance and maintainability.  Unfortunately, the Italians did not get a chance to use it much (or at all, by some accounts).  After the 1943 Italian armistice with the Allies, the German Luftwaffe confiscated many of the vehicles already delivered, and even had approximately 13 new vehicles built exclusively for them. Depending on the source, the total vehicles produced vary greatly from 66 to 169. Lastly, the Camionetta AS 37 was also used as the base for the Carrozzeria Speciale su SPA AS 43 (Autoblindo AS 43).
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Reference Source/Provider
  AS 37 Saharan Truck Photo Fiat via Ralph Riccio- Elverson, Pennsylvania USA
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  Camionetta AS 43 Photo Le Camionette del Regio Esercito via Tanks Encyclopedia.com
  German Camionetta AS 43 Photo German Bundesarchiv

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