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Cayman Mobile Armored Transport


Country of Origin/Used by: Belarus & Ivory Coast
First Produced/Service Dates: 2015
Manufactured by: Joint Stock Company 140 Repair Plant (Armed Forces of Belarus)
Crew: 6
Armament: Standard Weapons include (1) pintle mounted 7.62mm Machine Gun (MG), 12.7mm Heavy MG, or 30mm Automatic Grenade Launcher.  Also various turrets and remote weapon stations can be fitted including the Adunok BM-30 turret or Adunok 12.7mm Combat Module.
Engine: 4 Cylinder Diesel (Minsk Motor Plant D-245.30E2)
Miscellaneous Info: The Cayman (aka: Kayman) Mobile Armored Transport (MAT) is a fully amphibious vehicle developed by the Joint Stock Company 140 Repair Plant of the Belarus Armed Forces.  It was built to perform the roles of the previous BRDM-2 Scout Car, which it shares many design similarities and very likely, components.  The Cayman can be used as a convoy escort, patrol, reconnaissance, and police/emergency vehicle.  Although built for the Belarus military, the first country to purchase it was the Ivory Coast.
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Cayman MAT Photos Joint Stock Company (JSC) 140 Repair Plant
Cayman MAT Photos Vitaly Kuzmin - Moscow, Russia
  Cayman MAT with 12.7mm Adunok Combat Module Photo JSC 140 Repair Plant
  Cayman MAT with Satellite Dish Photo JSC 140 Repair Plant

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