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Commando Select Armored Vehicle/

Mobile Strike Force Vehicle

APC with OGPK Turret


Country of Origin/Used by: USA (and others including Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Colombia & Iraq)
First Produced/Service Dates: 2012
Manufactured by: Textron Marine and Land Systems
Crew: APC/MSFV with 40mm/.50 cal Turret = 1+6
APC/MSFV with OGPK Turret = 1+9
Ambulance = 3 + 2 stretcher + 2 seated wounded
90mm DFV = 3
Mortar Vehicle = 1+3
Armament: APC/MSFV with 40mm/.50 cal Turret = (1) 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun and (1) 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL).
APC/MSFV with Objective Gunner Protection Kit (OGPK) Turret: Usually fitted with one (1) 12.7mm HMG, but can also mount the 40mm AGL, 7.62mm or 5.56mm MG's.

Direct Fire Vehicle = 90mm Cockerill CSE 90LP Cannon
Mortar Indirect Fire Vehicle
= Can mount mortars up to 120mm

Various other weapons/armaments can be fitted as needed by user, including a Remote Weapons System (RWS).
Engine: 6 Cylinder Turbo-Diesel
Miscellaneous Info: Following upon the success of their M1117 Guardian/Commando Advanced series of armored vehicles, Textron released a substantially upgraded/improved version, which became the Commando Elite Armored Vehicle series.  The vehicles in service with Afghanistan are referred to as the Mobile Fire Support Vehicle (MSFV) and are the most numerous produced.

Textron offers four (4) basic configurations in the Commando Select Family.  They are: Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) with Turret, APC/Medevac, 90mm Direct Fire Vehicle and Mortar Indirect Fire Vehicle.  However, other configurations/variants can also be realized using the available configurations. These include, command/control, maintenance and support/utility.   In contrast, the biggest vehicle user, Afghanistan, has purchased  their MSFV's in only two (2) variants: the APC with Turret and Ambulance.  Afghanistan's MSFV APC's are equipped with two (2) different types of turrets. The first is fitted with the "40/50" turret, which is the same as mounted on the M1117 ASV's.  That turret mounts a .50 cal heavy machine gun and 40mm automatic grenade launcher.  The second type of turret is the Objective Gunner Protective Kit (OGPK) and can be fitted with a various array of weapons, but usually mounts a 12.7mm HMG.

The most notable identifying characteristic of these vehicles is a longer and higher hull than the M1117 Guardian ASV.  The easiest way to identify these variants is by the addition of a second vision port on each side of the vehicles and a substantially taller roof.   Another identifying trait is a result of the inclusion of an Enhanced Survivability (ES) Package.  The ES consists of larger diameter wheels and different axles which raise the vehicles' clearance a substantial amount when compared to the M1117/Commando Advanced vehicles.

The other related vehicle in Textron's extensive Commando Armored Vehicle Family, is their
Commando Elite line of armored vehicles.
Data Sheet Available:   Commando Select Armored Vehicle Sales Brochure (Textron Marine & Land Systems)


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