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Davidson-Cadillac 1915

Armored Car


Country of Origin/Used by: USA
First Produced/Service Dates: 1915
Manufactured by: Chassis: Cadillac Automobile Company; Armor/Armament: Royal P. Davidson & Students at the Northwestern Military Academy - Highland Park, Illinois
Armament: (1) Colt .30 caliber machine gun
Engine: 8-Cylinder Gasoline*
Miscellaneous Info: Following on the work with his 1910 Balloon Destroyer (and his other similar Cadillac based vehicles), Colonel Royal P. Davidson built this one vehicle. It is considered America's first "true" armored car as it sports the type's recognizable features of fully armored body and mounted armament. The general design was based upon the winning entry in an academy contest; won by 19-year old cadet M.L. "Budd" Cohn.  Although performing admirably, this vehicle was also not adopted by the U.S. Military and is Davidson's last design.

* Some sources state this vehicle was based upon the Cadillac Model 30 and fitted with a 4-cylinder engine (like Davidson's earlier vehicles).  However, it was more likely based on the Cadillac Type 51, equipped with the more powerful 8-Cylinder engine.
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