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CVR(W) Fox Armored Car



Photos Courtesy of Mark Hallam - Nottingham, UK




 (Notice damaged cannon barrel on the vehicle in the first photograph. See the story below for more information.)


This following information was provided by Mark and corroborated by at least one other person via a post on Facebook.  Information summarized by Warwheels.net Editor.


The above bent barreled CVR(W) Fox was photographed by contributor Mark Hallam in 1993 while on Exercise in Germany.  Mark is the young "lad" on the far right in the third photo. At the time, Mark was serving with 1st Troop of B Squadron (Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry) of the Queens Own Yeomanry. The story of the accident starts with the Fox crew navigating a small track through the woods when it slipped off and down a slope to the side.  As luck would have it, the vehicle's RARDEN 30mm cannon hit a tree stopping the slide, but bending the barrel and breaking the turret clutch. Going from bad to worse, during the incident they also disturbed a hornetís nest so the crew had to retire to a safe distance! Finally getting away from the stinging swarm, the crew secured the turret with rope to the hull rear so as to prevent it from freely rotating, as can be seen in the photograph.