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Ojay/Kudo 4x4 Mine Protected

Armored Personnel Carrier


Kudu Mark 10 APC


Country of Origin/Used by: Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)
First Produced/Service Dates: 1977
Manufactured by: Morewear Engineering, Ltd.
Crew: 1+3 = (Kudu 4, Mark 10, Ram and Kudette)
1+5 = Kudu 6
1+7 = Kudu 8
Armament: Anti-Ambush Weapons mostly/only, including an all-around defensive system called “Mac’s Cannon”.
Engine: (4) and (6) Cylinder depending on the frame and engine option selected.
Miscellaneous Info:

Originally named the "Ojay" (after it's designers) the Kudu was developed to defeat land mines by re-directing the blast force away from vehicle’s occupants. Military, Police Units and even civilians used this vehicle.  Most vehicles produced were based on the Land Rover Series 3S Long Wheel Base chassis, although some variants used Ford, Toyota and Nissan frames and chassis.


The versions produced were the Kudu 4, Kudu 6, Kudu 8, Kudu Mark 10, Ram (based on a Nissan), and Kudu "Township/Kudette".  The “Kudette” was a non-mine protected variant produced for police forces to be used in urban areas. Even a few 2-seat "capsules" and cargo/utility vehicles were produced as well, but not in any large numbers.
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