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Aftermarket PE Detail Set Comparison Review

For 1/35 Trumpeter U.S. LAV 25


By John Wilson - Charleston, South Carolina USA


I figured the clearest method of doing this would be to list the parts which all three sets (Eduard, Lion Roar & Voyager) have in common. For the most part, the quality is equal. If a particular common part is of lesser quality or accuracy, it will be noted. Next is a listing of which parts unique to each set. I have included the manufacturer's part number with each set to help out anyone who doesn't have them. BTW, these sets and comments apply ONLY to the Trumpeter kit. Last, I'll add a few footnotes and some closing comments. I hope you all find this useful. With that said, here goes!


Common Parts Contained in All 3 Sets
• Inner Handles for Driver, Commander and Gunner Hatches
• Inner and Outer Handles for Rear Doors
• Pioneer Tool Latches and Mounts* (Note A)
• Exhaust Pipe Shield
• Muffler Shield
• Hull and Turret Wire Cutters and Mount Brackets* (Note B)
• Air Intake Grilles* (note C)
• Drivers Periscope Guard Assembly
• Mirror Assembly* (note D)
• Hull and Turret Jerry Can Brackets/7.62mm Ammo Box Brackets
• Left side Hull “L” Brackets
• 25mm Muzzle (Early Round Barrel)
• Hull Tie Downs* (note E)
• Tie Down Straps/Buckles for Hull, Jerry Can, Ammo Box and Turret


Eduard # 35859
• Headlight Brackets
• Driver’s Windscreen, Wiper and Hull Mounts
• Roof Hatch Lock Hasps
• Upper Hull Round Tube Fixture at Roof Doors (forward of bumper
• Rear Door Latches and Mounts
• Wrap Over Intake Screens
• Rear Electrical Receptacle Cover
• Hull Fitting Behind Exhaust
• Taillight Guards* (note F)
• Roof Hatch and Winch Door Bumper Brackets
• Smoke Mortar Caps with Chains (not used on LAV-25’s, seen on ASLAV’s
which have a different mortar tube and mount design)
• Figure and Small Arms Details (i.e. replacement straps for body
armor, buckles for ammo pouches, wrist watch, weapons slings, barrel
guards and sights, ammo box and ammo belt for SAW)


Lion Roar # LE35062
• Complete Replacement Turret Basket (You build it all!)
• Turret Lift Rings
• Plate w/Bolt Details for Turret Antenna Mounts
• Replacement Bolt Detail for Sides and Face of Turret Mantle Opening
• Roof Hatch and Winch Door Bumper Brackets
• Replacement Muffler Bracket


Voyager # 35078
• Propellers
• 25mm Ammo Boxes (etched lettering)
• 7.62mm Ammo Boxes
• Steering Arms (to allow repositioning of steering axles; illustations
provided to illustrate what/how to modify all applicable suspension
• Headlight Brackets
• Front Differential Skid Plate
• Replacement Roller Fairlead Assembly
• Commander and Gunner Sight Assemblies
• Rear Door Vision Block Assemblies
• Padlock for Rear Fuel Filler
• Propeller Differential Skid Plate
• Lift Ring for Forward Air Intake Grill only
• Detail “Cap” for Smoke Grenade Tops



Note (A)- Pioneer tool latches in Eduard and Voyager sets much more accurate than in the Lion Roar set.

Note (B)- Wire cutter brackets in Voyager set appears to be better detailed than others.

Note (C)- Voyager grill set allows wrap over of mesh on left & right side of rear intake grill only; Eduard appears to allow for wrap over on all sides of both grilles; Lion Roar allows no wrap over on either grill.

Note (D)- Mirrors Assemblies are different for all three sets; Eduard’s set is the least detailed; Voyager’s appears to be the most accurate, though I have no photos of the mirrors in place.  Commonly the mirror head is removed and just the arm is left in place.

Note (E)- No sets provide accurate tie down replacements you will have to use brass wire to replace.

Note (F)- A Flat profile for this piece on all etched set pieces; They should be round with flat angled side braces.


Dollar for dollar, it appears that the Eduard set would prove most useful overall.  Eduard also provides the most user friendly instruction sheets. While the Voyager set has some nice 25mm ammo boxes, I would recommend using the boxes from Tamiya’s Modern US Military Equipment Set No.35266. All sets have a nice pattern in the exhaust pipe covers. If you wish to model an up-to-date LAV-25 (with the reduced thermal signature cover) the etched covers aren’t used anyhow. The turret lift rings (provided only in the Lion Roar set), are too thin. The original kit parts have a much more accurate looking thickness, although reinforcing gussets need to be added on the inner sides of the left and right side lift points. In my opinion, I'd recommend the sets in the following order:  1) Eduard, 2)Voyager, 3)Lion Roar.

If you're curious about how I arrived at this comparison, I personally have the Lion Roar and Voyager PE sets. So this was an actual, hands on review. The Eduard set was compared using a set of downloaded instruction sheets, reviewing photos on their website of the installed detail pieces, and by also examining the photos posted by Brano Herain on the Constructive Comments DG of his use of the set during his build.  I also have 2 or 3 dozen good, clear reference images of the 1:1 LAV-25 that I compared the detail sets with. This proved useful to me as well, because I found several small details included with the different sets.  I had missed them in the reference images, but when found on the PE instruction sets, I went back and found the items on the 1:1 LAV! I am also in the middle of my own build up of the Trumpeter kit. Again, I hope you find this useful in your project.



Copyright: John Wilson - June 2006