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1/35 Italeri LAV-AD

Light Armored Vehicle - Air-Defense

Model Photos & Modifications Sheet


Model & Photos Courtesy of Matthew Malogorski - Columbus, Ohio USA









Modifications Sheet for Light Armored Vehicle-Air Defense

US Marine Corps, Operation Iraqi Freedom, April 2002


Kit Used:  Italeri

Scale:  1/35

Lower Hull Front

  • Hinge Pins added to torsion bars and shock absorbers with Grandt Line nut/bolt/washer castings (24)

  • Tow Hooks made from Evergreen Rod

Lower Hull Rear

  • Weld Seams added from Testorís white putty

  • Fittings added to propeller mounts with Grandt Line nut/bolt/washer castings (4 per mount)

  • Tow Hooks made from Evergreen Rod


  • AEF Designs

Upper Hull Front

  • Electrical Wiring end connectors added from Grandt Line Nut/bolt/washer castings

  • Headlights bored out and replaced with M.V. Products lenses

  • Turn blinkers coated with Tamiya clear orange over Testorís silver

  • Winch Door Stop made from brass strip and punched plastic disk

  • Wire Cutter Mount made from plastic strip, sprue, and a Grandt Line Nut/bolt/washer casting

  • Driverís Periscope Glass simulated with exposed 35mm negative film

  • Drivers hatch handle made from sprue

  • Rear view mirror glass made from Bare Metal Foil

Engine Deck

  • Square fittings mage from Evergreen strips

  • Lift rings made from bent copper wire

Right Hull Side

  • Spare wheel from AEF Designs set, mount made from Evergreen rod & strips

  • New exhaust cut down from kit and exhaust tube made from Plastruct tube

  • All antennae brackets made from Evergreen strips and drilled out with a pin vise

  • Crew heater exhaust made from Evergreen strips

  • Fire extinguisher pull handle made from Evergreen strip & sprue

  • Rear antennae mount made from Evergreen strip, aluminum tubing, kit spring, punched disk, and sprue antennae

Left Hull Side

  • Filler Cap Hinges made with Grandt Line Nut/bolt/washer castings (2)

  • Tool Clasps and Mounts added from Eduard photo etch set

  • All grab handles replaced with copper wire

  • Hatch hinges made from photo etch

  • Tarp support brackets made from Evergreen strip

  • Axe, Sledge, & Shovel came from the spares box

  • Tie downs added around turret base ring from Eduard

Hull Rear

  • Turn blinkers coated with Tamiya clear orange

  • Blackout lamps painted with flat black

  • Towing Pintle detailed with retaining pins made from punched plastic disks

  • Door retaining locks made from plastic strip

  • 2 electrical connectors added to left upper hull from Grandt Line Bolts

  • Grab handles replaced with copper wire


  • Turret antennae supports on rear made from Evergreen strip and sheet

  • Antennae mounts made from aluminum tubing, punched disks and kit springs, antennae from sprue

  • GPS antennae made from Evergreen rod

  • Rear turret door, handle and supports made from Evergreen strips and sheet

  • Wind sensor mount made from Evergreen strip and sprue

  • Wind sensor made from aluminum tubing, strip, and sprue

  • Right Side lifting hook made from strip copied from kit hook

  • 25mm Rotary cannon mounts made from Evergreen rod

  • Gun visual fire guides made from sprue and detailed with drops of white paint

  • Gunnerís primary sight detailed on top and rear with bolt heads and panel locks

  • Smoke grenade boxes detailed with locking clasps made from plastic strip

  • Sight Cover Lifting Arms and Guides made from plastic strip and sprue


  • 20mm ammo cans (2) Tamiya OIF Accessory Set

  • Gas Cans (3) Verlinden

  • Alice Packs & Butt Packs (3)  Tamiya OIF Accessory Set

  • MREís (3) Tamiya OIF Accessory Set

  • Ground Mats (3) Tamiya OIF Accessory Set

  • Tent Packs (2) Made from Epoxy Putty

  • Kevlar Helmets (2)  Tamiya OIF Accessory Set

  • Razor Wire Roll (1)  ROCO Minitanks

  • All ratchet straps were added from painted masking tape with the ratchet made from plastic strip

Paint & Weathering

  • Model is painted with Model Master Dark Green shot through a Badger 150 airbrush.  Filters were then applied with Model Master medium green

  • and military brown.  Dry brushing was done with Model Master Military brown mixed with the greens. 

  • Weathering was done by Mig Pigments light sand and pastels

  • Mud added using the pigments added to paint and applied by brush


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  • Tank Magazine; June 1996

  • Journal of Military Ordinance

  • Various web sites