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Ansaldo AB Lancia IZ

(Model 1916) Armored Car


Country of Origin/Used by: Italy
First Produced/Service Dates: 1916
Manufactured by: Ansaldo AB
Crew: 6
Armament: Turret: (3) 7.92mm machine guns.
Engine: 4-Cylinder Water-cooled Petrol
Miscellaneous Info: Built by Ansaldo of Italy starting in 1916, but more commonly known as the Lancia IZ, this was the most common of the early Italian armored cars. Having had good results with the early car, another production run of a slightly modified version (the Lancia IZM) or model 1918 was delivered before the end of WWI and continued in use up through the middle of WWII.  The major difference between the IZ and IZM was that the IZ had a top turret on the main MG turret, whereas the IZM did not.
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Lancia IZ/IZM Armored Car Kit (72016) Mr. Panzer (Italy) 1/72 Resin.
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