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M1078 LMTV 2 1/2 Ton

4x4 Drop Side Cargo Truck


Miscellaneous Info:

The M1078 Light Medium Tactical Vehicle (LMTV) is the standard 2.5 ton 4x4 drop side cargo truck variant of the FMTV (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle) series of US trucks.

The M1078 was produced in the initial A0 configuration as well as the upgraded A1 and A1R versions. The M1078 was also fitted with a number of the FMTV armor packages.

To view the specifications and references common to ALL variants, please refer to the FMTV Series Index linked above.

Data Sheet Available:   FMTV Cargo Truck (4x4 & 6x6) Sales Brochure (Oshkosh Defense)


Reference Source/Provider
  M1078A1P2 Photo (Fitted with LSAC armor package) SSGT Mike Belue - Iraq
M1078A1P2 LMTV Truck Photos Oshkosh Defense
M1078A1 LMTV Truck Photos (429th Support Bde of the VA Army National Guard) Ashley Abernathy - Glen Allen, Virginia USA

References Available


Reference Source/Provider
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M1078 LMTV Photos & Information Olive Drab.Com
M1078 LMTV Photos & Information Oshkosh Defense
M1078 LMTV Photos Prime Portal

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