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M1148 MTV 6x6

8.8-Ton Load Handling System (LHS)


Miscellaneous Info:

The M1148 is the 6x6 variant of the FMTV (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle) series of US trucks, designed to load and move cargo via flatbed or container.  The vehicle is equipped with a 8.8 ton capacity load handling system (LHS) which has the capacity to lift and load many different types of cargo at maximum speed with minimal effort. The M1148 was continuously upgraded, the final one to the A1P2 standard. This variant can also be fitted with FMTV armor packages.

To view the specifications and references common to ALL variants, please refer to the FMTV Series Index linked above.

Data Sheet Available:   M1148 8.8-ton LHS Sales Brochure (Oshkosh Defense)


Reference Source/Provide
    M1148A1P2 8.8-ton LHS Oshkosh Defense

References Available


Reference Source/Provider
M1148 8.8-Ton LHS Information & Photos Oshkosh Defense

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