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Salvadoran Centauro M151A2

"Gun Jeep" Photos


Photos and Information Courtesy of Julio Montes - California, USA


Here are some shots of the Salvadorian Centauro "Gun Jeep".  The (4) Centauros started their "lives" at the junkyard of Ilopango Air Base by then Special Forces Commander Col. Perdomo.  He simply rebuilt the four M151A2 Mutt vehicles, and modified them as gun carriers.  Three were converted as gun jeeps for the use of the paratroopers and Spec Ops troops and one became a command and control vehicle.  The gun jeeps, were armed and equipped differently: One with a M134 Gatling gun (taken from a crashed MD500), one more was modified with a 60mm mortar, and one more with a M2HB, plus a M249 SAW machine gun.