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MEX-1/MAC-1 Medium Armored Car/

Armored Personnel Carrier


MEX-1 Armored Car


Country of Origin/Used by: Mexico
First Produced/Service Dates: Armored Car (AC): 1963-1964
APC: 1993
Manufactured by: Chrysler Corporation
Crew: AC: 4
APC: Crew + 7 Troops
Armament: Turret: 20mm Cannon; APC also was fitted with Rear Weapons mount for Light Machine Gun.
Engine: AC: (1) 8 Cylinder Gasoline (Chrysler HT361)
APC: (1) 8 Cylinder Diesel (Dodge 360)
Miscellaneous Info: The MEX-1 Carros Medios Acorazados (Medium Armored Car) was based upon a German Thyssen design, although built by the American Chrysler Corporation.  The vehicle is also called the MAC-1, which is the Spanish acronym for Carros Medios Acorazados.  Approximately 40 vehicles were originally sold to Mexico in the Armored Car configuration.  However in approximately 1993, all the remaining vehicles were completely rebuilt and reconfigured into Armored Personnel Carriers.
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  MEX-1 Medium Armored Car Photo US Department of Defense via Dave Haugh - Content Editor
MEX-1 APC Photos Christophe Jacquemont - Washington, DC USA

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Mexican and Central American Armor (Darlington Productions) Julio Montes

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