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MX-7 "Spider/Gagamba"

Armored Escort Vehicle


Country of Origin/Used by: Philippines
First Produced/Service Dates: Approximately 2007
Manufactured by: Base Vehicle: The Daimler Company, Ltd.; Upgrades/Modification: Steelcraft Industrial & Development Corporation
Crew: 2
Armament: Turret: (1) 7.62mm Machine Gun
Engine: 6 Cylinder? Diesel
Miscellaneous Info: In 2007 the Philippine Army evaluated a number of vehicles to fill the need for a new armored escort vehicle (AEV).  The MX-7 AEV was a submission by Steelcraft Industrial & Development Corporation, using either a Ferret 2 or Ferret 2/3 scout car as its base.  Steelcraft made some modifications to the base Ferret including a new diesel engine, 5-speed pre-selected transmission and the replacement of the steel hatches with armored glass. Although the MX-7 was cheaper than other vehicles submitted for the AEV evaluation, the maintenance would be higher due to the base Ferrets no longer being manufactured.  Unfortunately, the MX-7 was not selected for the Philippine AEV. Finally, the vehicle name of "Gagamba" ("Spider" in the Tagalog language) was never used by Steelcraft or the Philippine Army.
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MX-7 "Spider" AEV Photo Professor Andrew Valeriano Castro (MBA) - Maryland, USA

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MX-7 "Spider" AEV Information Global Security.org


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