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1/35 Hobby Boss M3A1 Scout Car

Model Photos


Photos and Model by Dave Williams - UK


Editor/Owner of Dave's Tank Workshop Website


This is the 1/35 Hobbyboss M3A1 "White" Scout Car model kit. In my opinion, it's an excellent kit, with near Tamiya parts fit, plastic quality, and some nice detail parts included as well. In my view, the only drawback to the model is that no canvas cover or support "hoops" were provided. However, I added the hoops using brass rod, and a partially-rolled up canvas cover using thin lead sheet.  The only other additional work I did on the kit was I thinned down the headlight covers with a sharp blade as they were a bit thick.  Of course photo-etched brass replacement parts would work as well. 

The vehicle I modelled was a REME Fitter's wagon, using Jeff Plowman's superb book on the 2nd New Zealand Division as my main reference. As a Fitter's vehicle, I left out the rear seats so I could cram the rear with stowage and equipment; the aftermarket parts being mainly by Reality In Scale. The decals I used were from a Star Models (Ex-Bison) set of New Zealand vehicles in Italy.  Finally, the figure is a stock Miniart item, and I plonked it on a Miniart base that I had built a while ago.