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1/35 Hobby Boss

M706 Commando "The Unexpected"

Model Photos


Model Kit and Photos by Al LaFleche- West Springfield, Massachusetts USA


Here is Hobbybossí 1/35 M706 Commando armored car as it may have been seen in Vietnam. I used the illustration of "The Unexpected" in the Squadron/Signal Book "Armor in Vietnam" as a basis for exterior modifications.  I also used interior images from the Osprey Publication's book "Cadillac Gage V100 Commando: 1960-71" and Warwheels to further detail the interior. I know there is some controversy as to whether this vehicle ever had the armament depicted in the Squadron book, but my goal was to replicate that image.


I further detailed the Hobby Boss base kit by adding Eduardís Photo Etched detail set (PE) set and Legend Productionís weighted Commando wheels which have the correct sidewall embossing. The .50 cal heavy machine gun is from Academy and its mount is a spare from an Academy M113 APC. The ammo is plastic from the spares box and the M60ís 7.62mm machine guns are from Dragon and are mounted on modified M151 "Mutt" pintles with brass rod supports. The M60's ammo is PE from an unknown source and their boxes are modified resin castings; Again, from an unknown source.  Several of the doors have added padding made from sheet stock and the anti-skid sections on the inner surfaces are home-made decals.  To add a little flair, I added a figure, produced by Verlinden.  As for the markings, I used Superscaleís vehicle registration and unit numbers. and the vehicle name on the front is from the Verlinden V100 resin kit.  Finally, the distinctive white stripe down the mid-line is a generic strip of decal cut to size.