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Armored Personnel Carrier

OT-64C(1) APC


Country of Origin/Used by: Czechoslovakia & Poland along with many others including Algeria, Angola, Cambodia,East Germany, Hungary, India (1972), Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Sierra Leon, Sudan, Syria, Uganda (1978), and Uruguay.
First Produced/Service Dates: 1964
Manufactured by: Tatra
Crew: 2 - 12
Armament: Various Armament packages depending on variant. 
Engine: 8 Cylinder Tatra Model T-928-14 or -18 diesel
Miscellaneous Info: Amphibious Vehicle co-produced by Czechoslovakia and Poland to use instead of the comparable Soviet BTR-60/70 APCs.

The main versions produced were as follows:
OT-64A/SKOT: Czech Republic - Unarmed; Poland - Pintle mounted 7.62mm machine gun.
OT-65B/SKOT 2: Poland only: Pintle mounted 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun.
OT-65C(1)/SKOT 2A: Turret: (1) 14.5mm KPVT MG; Coaxial: (1) PKT 7.62mm MG
OT-65C(2)/SKOT 2AP: Poland Only; had a new turret but with same armament as SKOT 2A.
Data Sheet Available:   OT-64/SKOT Data Sheet by Dave Haugh.

OT-64C/SKOT 2a Data Sheet by Dave Haugh.


Reference Source/Provider
  OT-64/SKOT APC Drawing U.S. Army via David Haugh- Content Editor
OT-64/SKOT APC Photos David Haugh
OT-64C(1)/SKOT 2A APC Photos (Taken at the Kemble Military Vehicle Show -2005) David Green - Oxfordshire, UK
OT-64C(1)/SKOT 2A APC Photos US Department of Defense via David Haugh
OT-64C(1)/SKOT 2A APC Photos (Taken at the Kemble Military Vehicle Show -2006) Dennis Trowbridge - Salisbury, UK
OT-64C(1)/SKOT 2A APC Photos - (Taken at Musee' des Blindes - Saumur, France) Dennis Trowbridge

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OT-64C(1)/SKOT 2A APC Model Kit Jadar/ARMO 1/35 Resin & Brass

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