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Pansarbil FM/29 (L-170) Armored Car


Country of Origin/Used by: Sweden
First Produced/Service Dates: 1932
Manufactured by: Chassis: AB Landsverk; Hull: AB Bofors
Crew: 4-5
Armament: Turret: 8mm Machine Gun; Front Hull: 37mm Cannon: Back Hull: 8mm MG
Engine: 6-Cylinder Gasoline
Miscellaneous Info:

The creation of the Landsverk L-170 was initiated in 1929, but not completed until 1932.  At that time, the vehicle went into military service and its name was changed to FM/29.  Although performing fairly well, only one vehicle was built due to its relatively high cost.  Although not used much as a front-line vehicle, it saw very active use as a driver's training vehicle, not being retired until about 1946.  It was nicknamed "Paddan" (translated as "Toad" in Swedish) due to its close resemblance to the amphibian.

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Reference Source/Provider
  Landsverk L-170 Armored Car Photo Garnisonsmuseet Skaraborg via Wikimedia Commons
Pansarbil FM/29 Armored Car Photos Erik Ahlstrom - Sweden
Pansarbil FM/29 Armored Car Photos Major (Retired) Don Allen - Orleans, Ontario Canada
  Pansarbil FM/29 Armored Car Photo "Joshua 06" via Wikimedia Commons

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