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Piranha 3H 8x8

Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)

Irish Vehicle


Country of Origin/Used by: Denmark & Ireland (and others)
First Produced/Service Dates: 2001
Crew: 3+8 (Irish Vehicle)

From 7.62mm Machine Gun to 30mm Cannon.  Otherwise, as fitted by user*

Miscellaneous Info:

The Piranha 3H Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) is the baseline vehicle in the series.  *The APC can be fitted with many combinations of weapons, although they vary by country. For instance, the Irish Defence Forces (IDF) APC is fitted with a Thales turret mounting a Browning .50 cal M2HB heavy machine gun and a co-axial 7.62mm MAG 80 machine gun. On the other hand, the Danish vehicle is fitted with one (1) .50 cal HMG on a pintle mount. The IDF chose the Piranha to replace their Panhard M3 APC's, with approximately (54) APC's in service.

To view the specifications and references common to ALL variants, please refer to the Piranha 3 Armored Fighting Vehicle Series Index.

Data Sheet Available:   None Available.


Reference Source/Provider
    Danish Piranha 3H APC Photos Luis Pitarch - Spain
Irish Piranha 3H APC Photos Roy Kinsella - Dublin, Ireland & Irish Department of Defence
Piranha 3H Ambulance Irish Department of Defence (via Roy Kinsella)

References Available


Reference Source/Provider


Reference Author
Irish Army Vehicles: Transport & Armor Since 1922 Karl Martin
ISAF Vehicles in Afghanistan: 2007 (Kabul and Kandahar Areas) - Mushroom Model Publications

Book Review by Patrick Keenan

Dick Taylor
Landing Zone Lebanon: UNIFIL 2006 (Blue Steel Books) Moustafa Assad

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Model Photos

Reference Source/Provider
Irish Piranha 3H APC Model Photos (1/35 Converted Trumpeter Kit) Roy Kinsella - Dublin, Ireland

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