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Pookie Mine Detection Vehicle


Country of Origin/Used by: Rhodesia/Zimbabwe
First Produced/Service Dates: 1976
Manufactured by: Trevor Davies Engineering
Crew: 1
Armament: Some fitted with "Spider" anti-ambush weapon (12-Gauge Shotgun with 16 or 24 barrels)
Engine: 4-Cylinder Gasoline (Volkswagen Type 1600)
Miscellaneous Info: The vehicles were initially produced using the Volkswagen Type 2 "Kombi" camper/mini-bus chassis and engine, but later versions also used Land Rover parts to help strenghten the design.  A unique fact about the Pookie is that it used Formula-1 racing tires to help reduce the ground pressure it exerted! The design was so successful, a later vehicle called the Veldspringkaan, was manufactured in South Africa.  "Pookie" is the local name for the Bush Baby and only 67 were built over its lifespan.
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