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Puma Mine & Ambush Protected (MAP) Vehicle


Country of Origin/Used by: Rhodesia/Zimbabwe
First Produced/Service Dates: 1977
Manufactured by: Automotive Components: Isuzu Motors, Ltd. or Nissan Motor Company, Ltd.; Armor & Fabrication: Morewear Engineering, Ltd.
Crew: 1 or 2+20
Armament: None
Engine: 6-Cylinder Diesel?
Miscellaneous Info: The Puma Mine & Ambush Protected (MAP) Vehicle was initially built as an armored troop transport for the British South African Police (BSAP).  The police vehicles were fitted with a one-man front cab to accommodate only the driver.  These were commonly referred to as "Half" Pumas.  Due to the success of the "Half" Pumas, the Rhodesian Army decided to also employ Pumas.  However, the Army requested that the cab be enlarged to fit a second crew member, who would be a spotter for ambushes and mines.  The two-man cabbed Army Pumas were referred to as "Full" Pumas. 

Both the police and army Pumas were built concurrently, using the chassis/automotive components of either an Isuzu or Nissan built 5-Ton 4x2 General Service Truck. Initially, both types of Puma were constructed with folding sides on the rear troop compartments. However, that feature was eliminated soon afterwards. Only one other "variant" of the Puma MAP was built, that being the "Flatback" cargo carrier.  Basically, the "Flatback" was fitted with an armored front cab but without the armored rear compartment. Soon after the creation of the Puma, the Rhodesians developed a similar, yet improved vehicle, the Crocodile Mine & Ambush Protected (MAP) Vehicle.
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Reference Source/Provider
  Puma MAP Vehicle (Right) with "donor" Nissan 5-Ton General Service Truck John Wynne Hopkins
    Puma MAP Vehicle Photos John Wynne Hopkins
  Puma MAP Vehicle Photo (Early Version with Folding Sides) John Wynne Hopkins
  Puma MAP Vehicle Photo (Fitted with non-standard cab) John Wynne Hopkins

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Fighting Vehicles and Weapons of Rhodesia: 1965-80 (P&P Publishing) Peter G. Locke & Peter DF Cooke
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