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Pansarvärnspjästerrängbil 9031/Volvo L3304

Anti-Tank Vehicle


Country of Origin/Used by: Sweden
First Produced/Service Dates: 1963
Manufactured by: AB Volvo
Crew: 4
Armament: Main: (1) 90mm Recoilless Rifle (Pvpj-1110) and (1) 6.5mm Machine Gun (For Ranging). Optional: (1) 7.62mm MG.
Engine: 4 Cylinder Petrol
Miscellaneous Info: The Pansarvärnspjästerrängbil (PvPjTgb) 9031 Anti-Tank Vehicle (also referred to the Volvo L3304) was based upon the chassis and automotive components of the Volvo L3314 Laplander 3/4 Ton Truck.  The Laplander series was referred to by the Swedish Military as the Personlastterrängbil 903 (Pltgb 903) and unofficially as the "Valpen" ("Puppy" in Swedish). Later vehicles (referred to the PvPjTGb 9032) mounted the Bofors "Bantam"  Robot 53 Anti-Tank Guided Missile System instead of the recoilless rifle. The PvPjTGb 9031 was succeeded by the later PvPjTgb 1111 AT Vehicle, which mounted the recoilless rifle.
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Pansarvärnspjästerrängbil 9031 Anti-Tank Vehicle Photos Erik Ahlstrom - Sweden

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Pansarvärnspjästerrängbil (PvPjTgb) 9031 Anti-Tank Vehicle Photos IPMS/Stockholm


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