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RBY/RAM Light Armored

Reconnaissance Vehicle


Country of Origin/Used by: Israel, Guatamala, Honduras and Morocco
First Produced/Service Dates: RBY Mark 1 = 1975
RAM V-1 & RAM V-2 = 1979
Manufactured by: RAMTA Industries (A subsidiary of IAI-Israeli Aircraft Industries)
Crew: RBY = 2+4
RAM = 2+6
Armament: Various weapons packages include (3) x 7.62mm light machine guns, M40 106mm recoilless rifle, TOW ATGW, and TCM-20 Twin 20mm AA Guns.
Engine: (6) Cylinder
Miscellaneous Info: The first version of the series was the RBY Mark 1, which was later upgraded and designated the RAM V-1. Finally, the RAM V-2 was developed after improvements were made such as armored roofs on some vehicles.  Both the RAM V-1 and V-2 have short and long wheel based versions.
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Reference Source/Provider
RBY Mark 1 Recon Vehicle Photo (Above) (Displayed at the Armoured Corps Museum - Latrun, Israel) Uri Weiner - Israel (Editor of the IDF Armor Blog Website)
RBY Mark 1 Recon Vehicle Photos (Latrun) Robert Goldman - Kfar Saba, Israel
RBY Mark 1 Recon Vehicle Photos Ian Young - Great Britain

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