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Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Vehicle


Country of Origin/Used by: Numerous; Including Czechoslovakia and East Germany.
First Produced/Service Dates: 1972
Manufactured by: Tatra and others depending on country of orgin.
Crew: 6
Armament: (40) 122mm Rockets in Firing Position; (40) 122mm Rockets in Ready-Position
Engine: 12 Cylinder Diesel Engine
Miscellaneous Info: These vehicles are based on the 8x8 Tatra T-813 truck chassis.  A number of countries produced this vehicle including Czechoslovakia and East Germany.  The vehicle designation depends on the country of orgin.  Czechoslovakia produced the 122 RM Vz. 70 (RM-70) and East Germany produced the MRW-122.
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    MRW-122 MLRS Vehicle Photos (Taken at Musee' des Blindes - Saumur, France) 

*Please Note:
The museum placard states this vehicle is an RM-70t.  However, it looks to be an MRW-122.
Christophe Jacquemont - Washington, D.C. USA
MRW-122 MLRS Vehicle Photos (Taken at Musee' des Blindes - Saumur, France) * Dennis Trowbridge - Bristol, UK

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RM-70/MRW-122 MLRS Vehicle Photos & Information Army Guide Website


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RM-70 Self-Propelled Multiple Rocket Launcher (Photo Reference CD's for Modellers PS-CD11). PanzerShop

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RM-70 MLRS Vehicle Model Kit (35C118) PanzerShop 1/35 Multi-Media Kit.
RM-70/85 Multiple Armored Rocket Launcher (on Tatra 815 Chassis) Resin Model Kit (PS35C163) PanzerShop 1/35 Multi-Media Kit.
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