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Ratel 20

Infantry Combat Vehicle/Command Vehicle

Variant Specifications*

First Produced/Service Dates: 1976 = Infantry Combat Vehicle
1978 = Command Vehicle
Manufactured by: Gun: Cape Manufacturing Engineering & Lyttleton Engineering Works
Crew: 3+9
Armament: Main: 20mm Cannon (Based on the F2 GIAT M693): Co-Axial: 7.62mm M1919 Browning Machine Gun (BMG); Anti-Aircraft (Right Rear): 7.62mm BMG.
Miscellaneous Info: The primary purpose of the Ratel Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV) series was to produce an indigenous South African built Infantry Fighting Vehicle. The result was the main series variant, the Ratel 20 ICV.  All other series variants stem from this vehicle. 312 were built over its lifetime in the Mark 1, 2 & 3 configurations. 

In 1978, another lesser-known version of the Ratel 20 ICV was developed; the Ratel 20 Command Vehicle.  It utilized the same basic hull and armament as the ICV, however its interior was fitted with equipment to assist Company and Battalion commanders in their duties. Changes include the addition of air conditioning, fitting of map boards/working tables, more comfortable seating, better lighting and additional communications equipment.  55 Ratel 20 Command Vehicles were produced in Mark 2 & 3 configurations. Differentiating between the ICV and Command Vehicle is difficult when viewing them from the exterior, although the Command Vehicle has a domed square roof hatch for the radio operator in front of the gunner's position.  Although a successful design, the interior portion of the 20mm cannon occupied a large amount of space.  As a result, the Ratel 12.7 Command Vehicle was developed.  The vehicles' smaller 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun main armament took up much less interior area, and allowed more room for its command crew.

*For specifications common to all variants in this series of vehicles, go to our Warwheels.net Ratel Index.
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Model Photos

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Ratel 20 IFV Model Photos (1/10 Scratchbuilt) Stephen Tegner


For information common to all variants in this series of vehicles, go to our

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