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Review of 1/48 Kengi Conversions

M8 Greyhound Armored Car Kit

By George Bradford - Cambridge, Ontario Canada

Basic Item Information


Kengi Conversions





Retail Price

$50 USD


George Bradford - Cambridge, Ontario Canada


Fit of Parts
I found the fit at the rear end rather tricky, but I suspect it was me rather than the kit. The turret and its interior and gun detailing call for mighty careful workmanship, so take your time.

Quality of Casting/ Detail Level of Parts

At first glance the parts look as good as injection molded plastic, and on second glance they STILL look that good. The walls of the hull are amazingly thin, and even the turret armor is thin enough to get by without any doctoring. Parts are as light as plastic and soft enough to cut and flex like plastic.

Undercarriage detail is spectacular, with steering linkage, and the wheels are sprung and detailed on both sides. Radio operator and driverís hatches are detailed for either open or closed display.

Decals, Marking Information and Painting Information
There are no decals or paint schemes included.
There are 17 pages of photo instructions that lead you through the assembly process.

This American M8 kit comes packed in a large box for shipping protection.  Inside a bubble pack are 3 plastic bags containing the kit components.

In the end we have an American WW2 armored car that can be marked with all those extra Allied white stars you have laying around, or for the kraut addicts, go beute.

Have fun... life's short.

George Bradford

To obtain this kit, you can contact the owner of KENGI CONVERSIONS at:

Via E-mail: alliedken@adelfia.net

Mailing Address:  Ken Swenson - 4543 Calhoun Avenue, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423, USA

Copyright: George Bradford