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WarWheels Review FAQ/Key

This purpose of this FAQ or "Key" is to help you understand what we mean when using certain terms during a review of modeling kits, conversions, detail sets, decals, books, periodicals, magazines, etc.  Also, it may help you understand the method to our madness when we actually complete a review.  We hope you find this key useful.

Types of Reviews

At WarWheels.Net we will generally conduct the following types of reviews of modeling kits, conversions, detail sets, books, magazines, periodicals, etc. as listed below.

"What's In the Box" Viewing The simplest type of "review" we provide at WarWheels.  We only show and/or describe what comes with the product and what you get for your hard earned money/currency. We don't make any judgment on the product.
"In-Box (Kit) Review"/ "First Glance" (Media) This is a rudimentary review where the individual closely examines the kit item, instruction sheet, packaging, etc or book, photographs and provides comments of the reviewer's first impressions gathered while viewing the contents or skimming the book/magazine.  Any hobby modeling item is NOT constructed or fully used/utilized, although the basic parts fit may be tested. 

Any book or magazine is quickly scanned for content, basic quality of text and photographs.

The purpose of this review is to quickly get generally accurate information to the WarWheels.Net visitors about a specific product.

"Normal" (Kit) Build or (Media) Read Review The hobby modeling item was traditionally completed or used as a modeler usually does during the enjoyment of our shared hobby.  Any model kit is fully painted, decaled and is constructed for display.

A book or magazine was fully read from beginning to end. 

"Quick" (Kit) Build Or (Media) Read Review

The hobby modeling item was fully constructed or utilized, but not traditionally finished as a modeler usually does (e.g. No paint, No decals, etc.) and would not be displayed as completed.

Any book or magazine item was only read in a summary fashion.  Although it is not fully read from beginning to content, the individual reviewing the media item has done more than a cursory glance.  He/she has read some "important" parts in depth, where other areas were skimmed and summarized only.

The purpose of this review is to give the reader a fairly quick, basic understanding of the positives and negatives of a product, without having to wait for a full build review/read to be done. This type of a hobby product review is a compromise that has the short time/speed benefits of an "in-box" review, but still covers much of the building/utilization process of a "normal build" review of a product.

Scoring (Awarding Points to) Individual Rating Categories

When conducting a review, the individual will award 1-5 points (including 0.5 points) to each "rating category" located in the "Review Summary" of an item, based on his/her thoughts, opinions and observations.  Some of the "rating categories" are "Kit Accuracy", "Parts Fit", "Photo Quality/Selection", etc.  The rating scale is as follows:













Very Good



Overall Rating

The "Overall Rating" the an average of the scores awarded in each of the rating categories used/utilized in the "Review Summary" of a reviewed item.   A simple average equals the total of all scores, divided by the number of rating categories observed/used.  The Overall Rating Scale is as follows:







Not Recommended


Recommended with Reservations




Highly Recommended


A “Must Have”

Review Disclaimer/Legal Mumbo Jumbo

Each review is the sole opinion, impression, etc. of the individual conducting the review.  The views expressed are not necessarily that of the WarWheels.Net staff, proxies, etc.

Also, each author is the sole copyright holder of their review.  Check out our "Copyright" Policy for more information about this subject.