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Book Review

US 4x4 MRAP MaxxPro In Detail"

Review By Patrick Keenan - Editor

Basic Item Information


US 4x4 MRAP MaxxPro In Detail


Ralph Zwilling & Mike Collins


Wings & Wheels Publications

ISBN/Stock Number

Photo Manual for Modelers - G032


MaxxPro & MaxxPro Dash DXM MRAP


Soft Cover Book

Number of Pages


Number/Type of Photos and/or Illustrations

258 Color Photographs



Retail Price

$35 USD


Patrick Keenan

Review Date

August 20, 2013

Review Summary

Review Type

Full Read

Basic Positive Features

The quality, quantity and selection of photographs are extraordinary, most notably the detail oriented pictures included.

Basic Negative Features

None Noted.


A Must Have




Detailed Review

This review is of one of the latest books by Wings & Wheels Publications (WWP): “U.S. 4x4 MRAP MaxxPro In Detail”.  Although the book also covers the MaxxPro Dash DXM vehicle, most of the book is dedicated to the coverage of the “original” MaxxPro.  If you are not familiar with WWP books, you should know they usually focus on one vehicle or type and then extensively cover it with hobby modelers in mind. Specifically the references provide tons of high-quality color photographs, most very detailed oriented.  If you want to know how many nuts/bolts are on the front bumper of “vehicle A”, WWP provides applicable photos in their books to show you exactly what you want.  In this specific case, WWP provides a wonderful photographic reference covering the MaxxPro MRAP and does not disappoint in any way. 

The basic layout of the information/photos in the book is as follows:

  • History & Development

  • MaxxPro (Divided into the following Sub-Sections)

    • Walk Around (not just over-all vehicle photos but detail photos of most external characteristics)

    • Weapon Station Details

    • Engine Details

    • Wheel and Rim Details

    • Frame and Suspension

    • MaxxPro Interior

    •  MaxxPro Dash DXM

Photograph Quality and Selection

WWP does an exceptional job by providing a large selection of high quality photos in this book.  The quantity of photos is also up to a very high standard also with over 250 color photos contained on 96 pages. The color and clarity of the photos is top notch as well. There are no blurry, unclear or just plain “bad” photographs provided. 

The selection of photographs provided by WWP and the author is excellent in quantity and variation as well.  The book covers both the MaxxPro and MaxxPro Dash DXM MRAP versions, with a large majority of the photos focusing on the “regular” MaxxPro (230 photos vs. 28 for the “Dash”).

Also, many of the photographs the authors provide are from their own personal collections and are not available anywhere else but in this book.  Finally, although many photos are provided to show the over-all view of the entire vehicle, the lion-share of photos are detail oriented; which helps the book live up to its listing as a “Photo Manual for Modelers”.

Use as Reference

Considering the fact that this book is only 96 pages long, it is an exceptional reference covering the MaxxPro for modelers as well as vehicle enthusiasts.  It provides a ton of great photos, a large proportion being detail oriented.  In addition, a large amount of information is provided, especially considering that the primary purpose of the book is to provide detail photographs.  If you could only have one book in your reference library on the MaxxPro MRAP, you can’t go wrong by picking this book as your choice.

Editing of Information/ Text Flow

The writing ability of the authors and editing of the information that is provided is very good.  The book is easy to understand and highly informative without being confusing or overwhelming.  In addition, the information is also provided in a logical and organized structure as it is set up in a format which starts with basic vehicle information and then moves to specific sections of the vehicle(s) covered.

Quality of Print Medium

This edition is a sturdy 8 ¾ ” x 9 ½” soft cover book.  The construction of the book facilitates fairly frequent use/reading of the book. There should not be any problems with the book being easily damaged as it is, in my opinion, a bit more robust than similar soft cover books due to the slightly thicker paper material used for the pages and cover. 


Wings & Wheels Publications, Mr. Zwilling and Mr. Collins have done an exceptional job by providing us with an excellent modeling/vehicle reference on the MaxxPro MRAP.  The quality, quantity and selection of photographs are extraordinary, most notably the detail oriented pictures of use to us modelers.  Yet, there is more than enough information provided to also appeal to military vehicle enthusiasts and for all readers to fully understand all aspects of the MaxxPro.  If you are at all interested in the MaxxPro, you can’t go wrong by buying this book. 


Recommendation: A "Must Have".

Copyright: Patrick Keenan - August 20,